The Ratio and Use of Petin and Gelatin in the Candy Production

Raw material points

Pectin with different solidification speed can be selected according to the amount of gelatin. Different amount of pectin will affect the texture, setting time and melting temperature of the product. Sodium citrate is mainly to ensure that the PH of pectin mixed with gelatin is about 4.5, if the PH is too low, will produce pectin – gelatin complex precipitation, and if the PH reaches 5.0 or higher, at this time, the thermal stability of pectin will rapidly decline, other peptone force gelatin can also be used, the amount can be adjusted accordingly, Because the isoelectric point, PH and buffering capacity of different gelatins vary greatly, the corresponding buffering salts, acids and even pectin types need to be adjusted.

Application examples

The jelly candy produced by the combination of pectin and gelatin has a fresh texture and excellent taste. Different pectin/gelatin ratio and different total colloidal dosage can get different texture. Gelatin is poor in heat resistance, but the addition of pectin can increase the dissolution temperature of the gel, when the amount of pectin reaches at 0.5%, already can ensure the stability of the jelly candy in most conditions.

Pectin has excellent flavor release and non-stick mouth taste. Its good water retention also enables the marshmallows to maintain state stability at relatively high water content (18-22%). Such marshmallows can maintain humidity and softness for a long time, usually with a shelf life of at least one year.

Recipe  examples:       

Adding sequence

Name of raw material  

Formula dosage (kg) 





SugarGlucose syrup(DE42)Anhydrous sodium limerate



gelatin (250BLOOM)Water



Monohydrate citric acid solution (50%)Essence/edible pigment

2.5optimal quantity 

The total weight of 106.66 kg – Evaporation: 6.66 kg

Technical points

1. In the process, 4% pectin solution can be prepared by high speed stirring, or 1:4 (pectin: sugar) can be dry mixed and dissolved in water 30 times the amount of pectin and boiled for at least 2 minutes to ensure that pectin is completely dissolved.

2. The gelatin(C in the table)is dissolved in 50-60 degrees of water or adding 2 times the water, embellish 30 minutes and then heat to dissolve in water bath to make peptone.

3. Dissolve pectin (A in the table). Refer to (1) for the method.

4. Mix the materials (B in the table) and heat to boiling point.

5. The materials (A and B in the table) are mixed and heat up to boil until the solid content is about 85%.

6. Adding material (C in the table) and adjust SS to 78%.

7. Quickly adding material (D in the table), and timely mixing, adding essence/pigment, pouring molding under 80-85 degrees.

8. If using gelatin peptone for production, it should be added before mixing spices when sugar’s temperature is about 90-100 degrees, and slowly stirring (If the speed is too fast, it will take a lot of air,and produce a lot of bubbles).

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