The Puzzle Prize – NFT Gaming’s Next Big Thing

NFT games have grown in popularity and are getting momentum in the blockchain universe as a means of generating revenue. The dream of playing games and earning money has never been this good until last year. This has caught the interest of practically all gamers and investors. 

But with NFTs skyrocketing in price, many are missing out on these opportunities. This is what Puzzle Prize NFT aims to remedy. The project aims to provide a new and affordable NFT collectible game that allows you to earn tokens or sell your in-game NFTs to other collectors and gamers.

What is Puzzle Prize NFT?

Built by a group of mates with the goal of providing low-cost NFT to those who are interested in the benefits and rewards of the NFT space and allowing everyone to acquire a worthwhile NFT. With a mint of.02 ETH, Puzzle Prize offers one of the finest quality yet lowest mints on the market.

Puzzle Prize NFT also seeks to shake up the NFT industry by allowing users to earn cryptocurrency in a number of ways without having to sell their NFTs. The reward wheel alone offers a variety of ways for holders to gain money.

Another advantage of this game is that all key components of it are in-house, which means that when issues arise, they are addressed directly by the source. Consider how convenient it would be to not have to go through a long list of procedures just to have your problems handled.

ThisPuzzle Prize NFT is a lot more than just a JPEG. It’s a key to a prize wheel every 1-2 weeks. 

The Gameplay

Maybe your question now is how you will be able to play and earn with the puzzle prize NFT. Let’s dig deeper into its nature and gameplay.

Every NFT game has their own unique nature and system of playing. In puzzle prize NFT, a puzzle piece will be every gamers’ pass to play the game and earn rewards. Each puzzle piece has a rarity level that impacts its prize wheel multiplier. What’s promising about Puzzle Prize NFT is that it can be easily minted and during the minting process, every investor has the chance to get a rare puzzle piece which signifies a high possibility of gaining rewards. 

The Puzzle Prize NFT’s will be offered for purchase straight from the website, then on OpenSea for viewing and secondary purchase.

What are the Puzzle Prize NFTs available?

On Puzzle Prize NFTs’ website, there are only three posted puzzle pieces: the main puzzle, the prize puzzle, and the prize wheel. 

The main puzzle consists of the pieces that may be found at the mint. Each item will have specific qualities that distinguish it from others. It can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. The good thing about this piece is that it will be released in 5,040 pieces which will give a lot of people a chance to acquire it. 

Another puzzle prize NFT in 503 pieces is the prize puzzle.  These prize pieces can only be gained by randomly selecting the main puzzle piece for a prize. The prize amount will be linked to the prize puzzle piece, and one of the amounts given below will be chosen at random. It’s written as the quantity multiplied by the reward amount. For example, at .031 ETH, there are 100 rewards.

And lastly, the prize wheel which is based on rarity, and a 5 prize wheel. Holders will be able to take a free spin on a wheel that corresponds to their piece’s rarity. These free spins can be used once every XX days.

Puzzle Prize NFT will hold its presale on February 28th, and they promise investors that exciting things will be set in action. 

The Rewards

Acquiring puzzle prize NFTs, will allow you to earn different rewards and benefits. The prize varies from 0.0125 to 3 Ethereum. For the time being, the riddles will only contain ETH prizes, with holders having a 10% chance of winning one! Piece rarity multipliers will be applied automatically. Legendary has a multiplier of 1.3x, Epic has a multiplier of 1.2x, and Rare has a multiplier of 1.1.x.

In terms of the prize wheel, it is made up of a variety of ETH prizes. For a limited time, some of the awards will be capped. A 0.025 ETH award on the unusual wheel, for example, may be limited to 100 hits for a set period of time. When 100 persons have won the reward, it will be briefly unavailable until being reopened after a set period of time. There will be no caps on lower-level awards.

By playing the wheels you’ll get the chance to win rewards. Some of the wheels will have gift cards for cruises so that holders are able to select a cruise available to them and be rewarded for holding. Holders will have the opportunity to win a variety of gift cards from various vendors. 

Holders of the card can spin for a chance to win mints at a reduced price or free mints. These prizes will be capped as well, with discounts increasing as rarity increases. While Holders will have the opportunity to win a tiny percentage of the next puzzle’s mint sales, wheel spin sales, or secondary sales. The spin sales and secondary sales would be valid for a set period of time before expiring and being re-added to the wheel. Now the prize money will be held in the smart contract and can be verified on Etherscan. 

In a nutshell, here’s why Puzzle Prize NFTs are the best option for you.

Puzzle Prize NFTs are projected to propel the NFT game industry to new heights due to their powerful and promising features. There are many new and fascinating things to discover in the universe, including a large world of wonderfully created NFTs like Puzzle Prize NFT, which is one of the cheapest and offers simple play-to-earn strategies to win on a consistent basis.

Puzzle Prize NFT Discord has shown a lot of growth. If you want to be a part of the community, it’s right here. Join us to get breaking news as soon as it’s released and to stay up to date on our most current announcements:

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