The Only Customer Service Platform for Small Businesses – Amy’s Chatbot Story


“It’s no longer about how many new customers you get, but how long your existing customers stay with you. And that sets the stage for how technology has evolved,” says Amy CEO, Stijn Hendrikse.

Technology used to be all about supporting sales, like CRM systems. And then came ticket systems, like customer support. But now that we have options like chatbots and multi-channel customer service, you can help and service your customers to establish a stronger relationship.

“Now, if we look at large enterprises, they almost all have chat functionality on their websites,” explains Hendrikse. The modern customer would rather type their question than pick up the phone to call a business. But there are two problems with these technologies: Firstly, large corporations mostly use them, making them less accessible to smaller businesses, because they weren’t built with their niche in mind. Secondly, they’re created with artificial intelligence (AI).

Hendrikse believes AI isn’t fully developed yet, and that’s the problem. A chatbot with AI functionalities often ends up filtering out customers, directing them to a customer service phone number, or leaving them hanging altogether. While larger enterprises can afford to miss out on a few customers, small businesses can’t. That’s why Amy was built with customizable templates and valuable content in mind, instead of relying on AI technology to address specific problems and needs.

“You also look at the fact that many of these techs are integrated by large enterprises to prevent clients from reaching out to their customer success teams. But they aren’t equipped to handle complicated problems, so customers end up needing to call in regardless. So these techs completely miss the mark.”
Plus, consumer behavior has completely shifted from COVID-19, customers no longer want to be left waiting on hold to get a simple answer, and the nationwide staff shortage is at an all-time high. Small businesses, in particular, struggle to keep up with modern customer expectations, coupled with a lean staff and unique business needs. That’s why Amy was born- to bring an enterprise chatbot technology to small businesses, but with content built exactly with their individual needs in mind.

“Closed for business”? never again with Amy

For every business, today, having a strong digital presence is important. Not only does it help you reach your customers, but it also works as an affordable marketing aid for your company. Integrating a chatbot solution on your website, such as Amy, ensures that your site visitors feel connected and welcomed at any time of the day.

Hendrikse explains, “Often your online presence must go through Yelp or Google Local. This is how many small businesses show up to prospects, most of which you cannot control. But with Amy, small businesses can be available to their customers on their own terms, and with the right content.”Integrating Amy on your website means you always have someone to answer your customers and converse with them in a way that matches your brand. Amy’s hundreds of pre-built templates offer just that, with the flexibility to make adjustments where you see fit. You can’t control Google reviews or Yelp; often, these review sites can project a bland image of your businesses to prospects. Amy allows you to control your content and the way you interact with your prospects, ensuring your customers will have a great experience with your brand from end-to-end.”

Amy lets users control their tone and goes beyond just answering basic Q&As for visitors. It gives business owners the personal touch they need to answer complicated questions and adjust their content based on seasonality or the stage of their business. Accountants, for example, might need to adjust their information for their clients based on the time of year, like March and April, during the hectic tax season. At the same time, health facilities like small dental offices might need to keep clients up-to-date with COVID health protocols. Every small business is unique, and Amy’s flows are set up to accommodate just that.

At the end of the day, businesses can’t be open 24/7, employees need to rest, and small business experts just can’t keep up with modern expectations. Hendrikse views Amy Chatbot as the perfect opportunity to address these pain points. With thoughtful research, interviews, and empathy, Amy brings the right content to small business experts to fit their unique needs and stay open for business, even when they sleep.

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