October 18th, 2022 – Upscene Productions has launched the latest edition of its flagship software, Database Workbench.

This release brings support for the latest MariaDB and Oracle versions, as well as additional features for other database systems.
The initial version 6 release includes many improvements to the user interface and existing tools, it also brought full Firebird 4 support, PostgreSQL table inheritance and Oracle multi-segmented expression indices support.

“Database Workbench 6 is a great improvement and we’re introducing the Enterprise Edition”, says Martijn Tonies, founder of Upscene Productions. “This new edition adds a Team Server, a centralized repository for configuration data, workspaces and a built in Version Control System for your database objects.”

What’s new in Database Workbench 6.1.2?

There are many new user interface features in Database Workbench

-New, more clear and consistent toolbar and object images
-Improved HiDPI support
-Improved visual feedback and more consistent look and feel
-Multithreading improvements and faster meta data loading in large databases
-Many small changes and features added…

Flexible BLOB Viewer/Editor to view documents, images or binary data in the database

-Improved auto-detection of content type
-Additional supported images formats: SGI & PSP
-Support for PDF documents
-Support for RTF, DOC and DOCX documents

Our customers requested a graphical overview of query statistics

-Easy overview of query statistics
-Includes filter for different types of operations
-Text-based statistics also available

New and improved for specific database engines

-Full Firebird 4 support
-Oracle 21 support
-MariaDB 10.8 support
-InterBase 2020 support
-PostgreSQL table inheritance support
-Oracle multi-segment expression indices support
-InterBase System Encryption Password support
-Create databases on SQL Server cloud services

Even More New Tools and Features!

Ability to copy result set rows to Microsoft Excel/OpenOffice Calc
-Easier Visual Query Builder navigation with query tree-view
-Add tables to Visual Query Builder and auto-complete JOINs based on foreign keys
-Visual Query Builder opens up much faster with large number of objects
-Improved and new SQL Insight in Database Trigger, Package, Procedure and Function Editors
-Oracle multi-schema improvements and support for multi-column expression indices

Database Workbench supports MySQL, MariaDB, Firebird, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, NexusDB and InterBase, comes in multiple editions and is licensed based on selectable modules. It includes tools for database design, database maintenance, testing, data transfer, data import & export, database migration, database compare and numerous other tools.

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