What is it about, and how can you be part of it?

What is Liberland?
The Free Republic of Liberland is a self-proclaimed independent, sovereign state, founded on April 13th, 2015, by Czech politician and activist Vít Jedlička.

The country was established on a 7 square kilometer area of unclaimed territory therefore terra nullius — a no man’s land between Serbia and Croatia on the west bank of the Danube River.

The country’s motto?

“To live and let live.”

It prides itself on personal and economic freedom for its citizens; this includes a limited power given to the government to ensure less interference with the freedom of the people and the nation as a whole. These ideals are written and by so guaranteed on the Constitution.

A very well needed motto in this 21st century.

The country’s currency:

This country known for being different from many others, its currency is thru its own Cryptocurrency known as the “Liberland merit” created thru the Simple Ledger Protocol from Bitcoin Cash, reaching 1 Million USD in capitalización.

It’s international legal considerations in Liberland’s favor are:

The formation of Liberland as a state is based on self-government of its own people, i.e. its citizens.

Liberland was proclaimed with the tacit consent of its parent state Serbia, which has waived claim to the territory.
Liberland does not violate the territorial integrity of any other country.
Liberland was not claimed by use of force.
Liberland is not a coup or takeover of an existing state.
There is no applicable counterclaim to that of Liberland on the indicated territory.

Liberland is the Ideal Country for any Entrepreneur and Tech Startups:

The reasons why Liberland has become the new startup haven are:

Low, and Voluntary taxes.
Economic freedom: Liberland’s constitution prohibits excessive financial regulations and bans monopolies.
Freedom of speech: Liberland’s constitution guarantees free speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition.
Entrepreneurial spirit: Liberland has a low cost of living, minimal business fees, and no corporate income tax

Apatin Free-Trade Zone:

The LIBERLAND GROUP DOO SOMBOR operates as a conglomerate to harbour the interests of Liberland companies.

Working as an entity under one umbrella offers advantages like organization of transportation, shipping, loading, agency services, insurance, reinsurance, banking and cryptocurrency payment services.

Apatin is very close to Liberland and is located on the Danube river with a natural ‘road’ connecting ten European countries.

The Free-Trade Zone in Apatin covers an area of 122 ha, which provides plenty of space for future expansion just ten kilometres from Liberland.

Liberland in the Metaverse?

A very well known, and respected group called, Zaha Hadid Architects’ design a “cyber-urban” city in the metaverse, which allows people to buy plots of land with cryptocurrency and enter digital buildings as an avatar named Liberland Metaverse.

Buildings designed by Zaha Hadid Architects for the “cyber-urban crypto incubator” in the metaverse include a city hall, a plaza and an exhibition centre.

The Free Republic of Liberland, and the Liberland Aid Foundation:

Liberland Works alongside the US NonProfit Organization “Liberland Aid Foundation”

When Liberland Diplomats visited El Salvador last year, they donated thru the Foundation (1 BTC) to the Salvadorian Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital.

Liberland is a huge supporter of El Salvador’s move for recognizing cryptocurrency for what it was always intended to be: an electronic currency.

Liberland understands the value of blockchain technology and how it can revolutionize the global finance.

Other Relief/Aid actions made thru the Foundation were in:

Somaliland, Uganda, Serbia, Croatia, Brazil, and Haiti.

How can you be part of it?


We’ve spoken to the Liberland Representative in Mexico, Fernando Facio Jr., and after an interview with him he told us that: “Liberland is happy to involve as many people as possible, specially those that want to be a part of something important, those that want their voices to be heard, those honest people that want to prosper without being oppressed by anyone, specially governments, and live according to the country’s motto: “to live, and let live”.

He sends an invitation to anyone that wants to be part of Liberland to contact their country’s representatives in order to establish a potential network, share impressions in order to reach Liberland to many people as possible around the world.


At the moment, Liberland counts with 72 representative offices which you can see in the official Liberland Website with their respective emails to be contacted.

How can you become an e-resident / citizen of Liberland?

First, you need to register on the website, and apply thru the form that it appears on the citizenship section.


You need to apply first for the e-residency which has no cost at all, but if you’d like to speed up the process you can pay the card starting at $150 USD (Standard Card).

After that, you’d be scheduled for an interview in order to receive the citizenship, but if you’d like to receive the citizenship as soon as possible you will need to make a donation equivalent to $5–10k USD.

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