The Nemesis & Monty Lab: A New Partnership Is Announced

The Nemesis partnered with Monty Lab, a new project from prominent digital marketing evangelist Marco Montemagno

February 1, 2022 – This is an exciting time for NFTs and digital arts in general. People are starting to become increasingly aware and interested in this format, which has already generated millions of dollars in a relatively short time. One of Italy’s foremost digital marketing gurus, Marco Montemagno, has shown an interest in the NFTs world, so much so that he set out to launch his Monty Lab – the very first Italian-brewed Utility NFT project! Monty Lab comes from Crazy Fury, an NFT collection of 10.000 unique anthropomorphic ping-pong rackets with faces expressing many feelings and emotions. These rackets aren’t just works of art. They are a gateway to numerous perks and bonus features, directly connecting with Montemagno and his insightful content. Through the NFTs, it will be possible to get early-bird access to exclusive content and initiatives. 

The Nemesis, the disruptive and innovative digital platform focusing on metaverses and virtual experiences, collaborated on the creation of Monty’s NFTs and the user experience for the whole project. Montemagno partnered with The Nemesis because it is an industry leader in the sector, due to its presence in the crypto and NFTs worlds, acquired through many partnerships with various relevant communities in the space, such as The Doge Pound, and the successful experience with its Companions NFTs collection (Companions Season 1 was launched in 2021). The Nemesis’ Companions provide incredibly utilities and features, not to mention the sheer value of the items. The Companion can be used today in gaming within the metaverse, not only as a cosmetic addition but also as a vital component of the gameplay itself, even on mobile devices. Additionally, Companion Owners also benefit from a 50% discount on Lands on The Nemesis, which will be available for sale in the coming weeks. Needless to say, Companion NFTs aren’t the latest trend, but a testimony of The Nemesis’ continual growth, with many new seasons to come.

While 2021 saw the growth of the NFTs community, 2022 is poised to become the year of metaverses, as international trends are quickly jumping on this unique setup as a fantastic way to engage with people and interact with the audience on multiple levels. 

Watch out for Montemagno’s and The Nemesis’ initiatives here:

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