Music is one of the most widespread professions nowadays. No matter what aspect of life people wonder about, music is necessary to complete it. Musicians produce the main element of attracting the public in innumerable fields. Whether it is an advertisement of cricket league; a political movement; a showcasing of new collection of brands, most of the times, music is the reason of their success.

The singers are encompassed by several genres. Each genre becomes more unique and admired when it is sung by an amazing singer. As the music industry is growing with each passing day, people are witnessing a rise in the talent also. Many young people are coming forward and are presenting their amazing skills to the people. One of the most prominent young musicians today is Travon Payn also known as Blunt Da Blockmonsta. He is a rapper who ignores all the hurdles and limits in his path of pleasing his audience with his marvelous songs!


Blunt Da Blockmonsta is an African-American whose hometown is Los-Angeles California. Payne is a music artist by blood; he spent his life listening to blues oldies R&B that gave his heart a desire to become a rapper. The year 2003 marked the beginning of Payne’s magical rapping career with a rap group name as the “Static Gang”. However, he found more success in working solo; it resulted in the establishment of his personal label brand. In addition to this, Blunt Da Blockmonsta produced his first solo album.Blunt Da Blockmonsta songs have earned great reputation and admiration from the audience. In such less time, his songs have created waves in the music industry and have become the talk of town.


Blunt Da Blockmonsta is currently working on a superb album which is going to be released in late 2022. This amazing album will certainly earn great appreciation because of its amazing and unique melody.


Blunt Da Blockmonsta believes in being generous. He opines that by taking the aid of empathy, people should find out the good aspects of our fellow human and respect them. Blunt Da Blockmonsta also uses his time and is working towards making the society a better place. He has reached to a conclusion that the world can witness a prosperous era if we work together to protect the environment, to illustrate: save water, and concise the use the paper. Moreover, Blunt Da Blockmonsta wishes to volunteer at local schools in future.

It is doubtless that a successful person earns his success with a bed of roses. In other words, Blunt Da Blockmonsta is a rapper who witnessed numerous obstacles and problems in his career. Despite many ups & downs, his determination, consistency, and persistency never decreased. On the contrary, it made him firmer and stronger and caused him to put more efforts in his work. Many youngsters who dream big can take lessons and inspiration from Blunt Da Blockmonsta’s  amazing musical career, even if they belong to a parallel field!

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