Michael Weinstein has a successful career in marketing, having been responsible for launching some of the most successful DRTV consumer products in “As Seen On TV” history. He is also a musician and has performed and recorded with many famous artists. Michael Weinstein has won several awards for his marketing strategies and analytics, and his agency JAM Direct has also won several awards for its digital media strategies

Michael Alan Weinstein is an American entrepreneur, jazz pianist, and mixed martial artist. He is the CEO of JAM Direct, a successful marketing agency that helps innovators maximize their potential by creating winning campaigns. He is also a public speaker on topics such as invention licensing, direct-response marketing, and digital advertising.

Weinstein’s career in marketing began as the President of Bluewater Digital, and Chief Marketing Officer of Allstar Products Group, where he was responsible for launching some of the most successful DRTV consumer products in “As Seen On TV” history. He played a key role in the launch of products like the Snuggie (blanket with sleeves), and was featured in the infomercial for “As Seen On TV: The American Dream.”

Aside from his career in marketing, Weinstein is also an accomplished musician, he is a keyboardist in Two Shots of Blue and has performed and recorded with members of Meat Loaf, Spyro Gyra, Mariah Carey, Blood Sweat and Tears, and others. His album, “30 Days,” was released in 2011.

Weinstein has also been recognized for his work in the marketing industry, He was awarded the TITAN and W3 Awards in the Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics category. In March 2017 and 2018, he received a DR Metrix ADSPHERE Award for Best Electronics LF Infomercial. In 2020, Weinstein was honored as the IMPACT Award winner for Best Marketing Strategy and Use of Analytics at the Internet Marketing Association (IMA). In the same year, he received the Digital Health Award for Social Media Strategy from the Health Information Resource Centre (HIRC).

Weinstein’s agency JAM Direct also received several awards, in 2021 Vega Digital Awards JAM Direct received Digital Media Strategy Honours. In the same year, JAM Direct was named winner of the Prestigious 2021 MarCom Award. In 2022, JAM Direct received the Vega Digital Awards for its Digital Media Strategy. And later, JAM Direct was named the Coveted 2022 MarCom Gold Award winner.

In addition to his career in marketing and music, Weinstein is also a competitive mixed martial artist, as well as, an inventor & founding partner in the wet-wipe mitten viral sensation known as Shittens featured here. Shittens were featured on Howard Stern, Bill Maher, Huffington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, Redbook, Unilad, BuzzFeed, Parents Magazine, Men’s Health, and Pop Sugar.

Weinstein’s combination of talents and passions makes him a unique and accomplished individual. His experience in marketing, music, martial arts, and inventing all contribute to his ability to think creatively and strategically. His dedication to helping innovators maximize their potential through his agency, JAM Direct, is a testament to his drive and passion for success.

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