Sarasota, FL – Voiceover expert John Burr has announced the release of his Voice Over Actor’s Handbook Second Edition, a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in improving his or her voiceover skills. The book provides insightful learning tools for delivering a script like a professional for any client or project.

The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook Second Edition was developed in response to the need for a more in-depth understanding of how the fundamentals of the English language directly influence the analysis, interpretation, and delivery of any script. This book gets to the heart of voiceover performance and provides practical and pragmatic treatment of voiceover’s unique demands and approaches.

John’s new edition acts as a comprehensive guidebook on how the structure of the English language influences the script interpretation process. It is the only language dynamics-related reference book in the voiceover industry and elaborates on how and why certain words are emphasized and others de-emphasized. The reader will gain a fresh understanding of a script’s mood, meaning, and purpose. This book connects voiceover delivery with the very grammatical structure of the English language. By studying and working on these concepts, voiceover actors will have the opportunity to male their reads much more authentic and natural.

The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook Second Edition comes with over 175 audio cuts that demonstrate the concepts presented in the book. Readers who utilize this guidebook will have an advantage over their competitors and will possess a readily accessible reference source at all times.

Harlan Hogan said in a testimonial for the book, “This really is the first practical and pragmatic treatment of voiceover’s unique demands and approaches that I’ve seen. In particular, the section that begins, ‘Why we read the way we do,’ is not only spot-on, it should be required reading for anyone who wants to do or is already doing voice work. Truly brilliant!”

John Burr has spent over 35 years as a recording engineer, producer, musical and theatrical performer, theater director, and professional voiceover coach. His approach to training is unique and combines applied language dynamics and music to teach how to understand and interpret scripts while communicating with the audience in a natural, believable, purposeful, and convincing manner.

Many of John’s former students have narrated for Discovery and Learning Channels, History Channel, National Geographic, and national audiobook producers, as well as many of America’s well-known corporations, such as Marriott, Xerox, IBM, Danaher, Carey International, and Lockheed-Martin.

The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook Second Edition is available now on Amazon on Kindle and in print. For more information on the Voice Over Actor’s Handbook Second Edition, visit John Burr’s website at

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