In recent years, professional coaching has become one of the most popular careers. Numerous sorts of coaching, including life coaching, relationship coaching, and career coaching, are getting increasingly fascinating as time passes. However, many individuals have begun to profit from coaches to overcome life’s challenges. This predicament of supply and demand is increasing the significance of this business discipline daily.

Especially millennials are the generation most likely to be apprehensive of guiding and most likely to have shared in a coaching relationship, according to the findings of a new study commissioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The recent Global Consumer Awareness Study (GCAS) shows 81% of repliers in the millennial age group expressing mindfullness of coaching compared to 51% in the Greatest Generation.

In addition to this, health coaching, a topic that we heard a lot about during the Covid-19 outbreak, has been studied in the literature. According to a report published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, health coaching can effect changes in several biometric risk variables such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and body weight. Health coaching has also been shown to improve health-related quality of life and reduce hospital admissions in studies.

However, the growing popularity of coaching and the extension of coaching disciplines into vital sectors poses a serious threat. It also raises the amount of unauthorized and harmful operations, which are particularly prevalent in this industry. Another important issue is find a good coach that fits the needs.

According to the statement of a coaching directory company official named Coachsea, where accredited and authorized life coaches are listed and verified in the world, even if unauthorized and inadequate coaches graduate from good educational institutions; states that they can make many people suffer as a result of wrong career and life directions. In this context, he said that it is necessary to think carefully when getting service from coaches that are not accredited and verified by independent institutions, and good research should be done about the coach that will be served.

The official, who stated that as Coachsea, they operate in the field of verification of coaches, added that they have been following the recent negative events carefully and that the number of similar verification organizations should increase especially regionally so that service users experience less victimization.

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