The Last Koala Stronghold Is Where Exciting NFT Utilities Meet a Riveting Narrative-Driven World.

Combining crypto, culture, storytelling, and NFTs, this bold new collection hopes to make a lasting impact on both the virtual and the physical world

The Last Koala Stronghold is a multi-volume collection of NFTs that merge crypto, culture, storytelling, planet preservation, and fascinating artwork. With the goal of making an impact not just on the portfolio of its holders and the virtual realms these adorable creatures call home, but also on the physical world with forestation drives, this is a truly purpose-driven NFT collection that’s brimming with utility and innovation. 

Multi-Volume NFT Collection

With 2,222 generative art-style NFT koalas unleashing their potential and making their presence felt through the release of the first volume, this collection is amping up for a spectacular launch. However, the genesis collection is only going to be the first taste of all that will follow.

With four planned volumes, each with its own unique roadmap and fascinating perks, The Last Koala Stronghold will only grow bigger, bolder, and grander with the passage of time. 

The creators are actively running giveaways on the official Twitter account for all users to participate in and benefit from the success of this project. 

Rich Story with Fascinating Characters

While evocative artwork is a big part of the project, what truly brings these furry characters to life is the mesmerizing backstory of the collection. While these koalas are undoubtedly cute and cuddly, they are also sophisticated creatures who must tackle extreme challenges. 

Having lived peacefully in the forest that they call home, the koalas are facing an apocalyptic threat in the form of a radioactive fire. Blazing hot, roaring, and forever flaming, the fire is consuming everything in its path and leaving a tragic trail of destruction in its walk. Not only is this threatening the lives of these furry characters, but other creatures of the jungle are also threatened. 

In the wake of all that doom and destruction, the koalas have come together like never before and formed a rescue team. Out of this movement, many fascinating characters have emerged, including the Koala Shaman (a spiritual leader), the Crazy Koala Scientist, and the overly ambitious Koala Supreme Leader. 

Each successive volume will expand on this gripping tale and unfold the stories of its fascinating cast of characters. To witness the glory of these characters, it’s possible to check the ongoing reveals of artwork and visuals at @KoalaStronghold on Twitter. 

A Roadmap Brimming With Rewards

Community is the one word that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of this project’s vision and values. Apart from organizing ample opportunities for members to connect with each other and foster wholesome interactions, the creators are also rewarding holders with a variety of rewards. 

For starters, the project will feature dedicated rewards for all Koala miners. With 10 ETH, 20 1-of-1 merchandise pieces with the holder’s koala featured on them, and 10 free popular NFTs, there’s plenty up for grabs in the prize pool. The best part, as the creators elaborate, is that all koalas will be treated equally. There won’t be any unfair advantages, as is the norm with most projects and their rarity classes. 

Furthermore, a set percentage of the royalties from secondary sales of these NFTs will go towards acquiring popular NFTs. This collection will then be distributed among holders as a reward through either a raffle or a contest. 

To enable these exchanges and deliver on their promise of a truly democratic community, the creators are working behind the scenes to set up a DAO for their community. Short for decentralized autonomous organization, a DAO is the perfect structure for empowering a community, and The Last Koala Stronghold will offer unparalleled power to its cherished members. 

Delivering Powerful Utility

The Last Koala Stronghold is much more than a collection of pretty pixels. It’s a family of netizens united by their shared passion for this living and breathing world that the collection is bringing to life. To do so, the creators have set out to deliver meaningful utility that will benefit not just the holders, but the wider crypto community and society at large too. 

For starters, the team is working on an epic adventure in the form of a P2E game that will take place in the same mesmerizing world that the cast of NFT characters is part of. With some experts hailing 2022 as “The Year of P2E Gaming”, the koalas are ready to ride this wave and deliver a truly rewarding gaming experience. 

This P2E game combined with other initiatives will collectively create a rich economy, and the project will feature a native token to facilitate all trades in that economy. Other utilities for the native token will include the unlocking of voting opportunities, raffle boxes, surprise giveaways, and of course, the gaming experience itself. 

Taking things one step further, the creators have also pledged to utilize parts of the proceeds towards preserving the planet. This will take shape in the form of a partnership with non-profit organizations working tirelessly at forestation. Not only will this collection offer its holders the chance to save the virtual koalas and their world, but to also plant trees in the real world. 

About The Last Koala Stronghold

The Last Koala Stronghold is the brainchild of a group of creatives, finance experts, and decentralized finance enthusiasts aimed at elevating the experience for all NFT enthusiasts. The team is committed to redefining the narrative around NFTs by delivering a timeless brand that derives its value through creative expression, unrivaled utility, and real-world impact through a variety of non-profit initiatives. 




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