The Kishta Brand Is Looking to Innovate and Mix Watching Streams and Gaming at the Same Time

Boxes from Kishta website
It’s a new project that has popped out to encourage streamers and help their followers with a game

Kishta is a new project that has popped out on the web to encourage streamers and help their followers by rewarding them with a sort of game. It’s a new way to stimulate and make the live streams even more interesting. In two weeks, they had over 300.000 visitors and more than 80.000 cases opened. They are a fresh and innovative brand that is currently established in Malta.

The way that Kishta works it’s very simple. It’s totally free, so the users cannot spend money there. The person will enter the platform Twitch and watch a livestream from the streamers Teufeurs, Antho or Dim. While the viewer it’s spending some time there, every half hour there’s a drop of Kishta’s. The drop is random, it can be between five and ten. 

With these Kishta’s the person can get a lot of things. The website has all sorts of boxes, with coupons, gift cards, consoles, watches, etc. The more the person watches, the more she gains access to precious boxes, for example, Rolex box, Apple box and Nike box. And if the person didn’t get the box that she wanted, they can call their opponent to a battle to try to win it back. It’s called a “case battle”. 

All the winnings are manually verified by the Kishta team. Once the complaint system is in place, the winner has to contact them so they can verify the age and ask for some information so the prize can be delivered. The communication is all done through a chat on their own website. So they claim it’s a safe space. 

The prizes are all given by the stream Teuf itself (one of the streamers that the person can watch to win Kishta). He’s one of the biggest french streamers and has gained some expertise on online games, creating a strong community of loyal followers. He has become a legend with over 240,000 followers on Twitch.

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