The Kaspar Twins Launch New Program, ‘Ideal Weight Forever’

21 Days to Achieve the Body of your dreams

The Kaspar Twins, Laura and Eileen have recently launched their new mind and fitness program that is unique to others; how to rewire your infinitely powerful mind for easy and permanent weightloss, ‘Ideal Weight Forever.’ This 21-day program is meant to help people who struggle with staying consistent with restrictive diets to break out of the vicious style. Restrictive diets have proven time and again to be worthless as they only give short term results before a person falls back into gaining weight. This has resulted to constant frustration, demotivation and lack of confidence in people in this situation in addition to never feeling comfortable in their own skin. 

The Kaspar Twins with their Ideal Weight Forever program is out to change all that. This is totally different from what has been seen before and it has proven to be absolutely transformative. The twins are on a mission to spread healing of the body and heart with the mind using the power of the subconscious to illuminate a new divine pathway of enlightenment and freedom for all humanity.

Laura and Eileen therefore will be teaching students how to use the power of their mind to reach their dream body goals. There is a lot that the mind can do if it is understood and worked with. The Kaspar twins will teach students how to order their body to do what they want it to do, how to become strong enough mentally to use their mind to reject unhealthy meals and accept natural healthy foods. 

‘Self-Hypnosis’ as the twins call it is a major part of the program and students will learn about hypnotic weight control and how it works to help reprogram one’s mind for a good relationship with food and exercise. Students will also learn how to talk positively to boost their confidence and the secrets of manifestation to help achieve their choice body. 

Ideal Weight Forever Program is packed with top tier value content such as 21 days of self hypnosis recordings and transforming video lessons. Students will also get interactive PDF guides and access to a private Facebook support group to keep them going in the hardest times. They also have lifetime access to the program with several bonuses that include ideal weight loss recipes.

According to Shawna R. who is a part of the quest, “This quest has set me free. I was able to understand so much and to actually eat more than before, having more energy and feeling in sync with my body. I’m on Day 12 and have already lost weight just with making different choices and I don’t even know I’m doing it! Thank you!”

“I am so glad that I have purchased this package. I really feel its a life changer, not just in my food choices but in my confidence and in all areas of my life. Investing in myself not only helps me but my family that have to live with me!  They are so proud of me and now they all want to do the quest!” says Steven F.

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