The Introduction of PTFE Tube Extruder

PTFE Teflon tube extruder is also called tetrafluoro tube extruder, tetrafluoro tube extruder at present SuKo Fluoroplastics focus on two kinds: tetrafluoro suspended material tube extruder, the extruded tube wall is thick, not reelable. Teflon dispersion material tube extruder, the extruded tube wall is thin, the tube can be reeled, also can be processed into corrugated tube.

Teflon tube extruder is a machine specially developed by the design team of hydraulic extruder of Jiangsu SuKo Machinery Technology Co. This machine is a combination of technology, design and reliability. It brings customers a simple, easy to operate, high performance, low maintenance cost experience, with a series of advantages such as more saving – time and cost, high output, low energy consumption, long life, easy to operate – touch screen display, etc. It has a very high productivity in the current market. The machine maintains a stable extrusion speed when extruding PTFE to produce accurate, high quality Teflon products.

PTFE paste extruder is also called: PTFE hollow tube extruder, Teflon capillary tube extruder, PTFE line extruder, PTFE microporous tube extruder, PTFE hose extruder, which can produce PTFE pipe material with outer diameter of 1mm-70mm, length of 50M-500m, and wall thickness of 0.1mm-1.5mm. Adopt plc computer control line. The basic mechanism of extrusion is simple – laminated automatic production of PTFE, equipped with PTFE extrusion unit and peripheral auxiliary machines and accessories to provide customers with complete PTFE products processing and molding.

Teflon tube extruder is used for the manufacture of teflon suspension material tube. The suspended material is extruded into a hard tube, the outer tube is 20mm-500mm, the wall thickness is 3mm-30mm, and the length is 4200mm or 6200mm. Suko provides the whole line scheme and provides training and technical guidance. SuKo tetrafluoride extruder is integrated in extruding and sintering. The equipment can be installed on the second floor and is generally about 15 meters high. Tube can be infinite extrusion, self-cutting, ptfe tube extruder manufacturing tube can be used in chemical industry, anti-corrosion lining, favored by many enterprises.

Application fields of ptfe teflon tube

PTFE teflon tube has outstanding wear resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature performance, especially suitable for high temperature performance occasions, used in chemical anticorrosion lining, electronic connection, coffee tube applications, water treatment applications.

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