Information of Glass ball finial

Lamp finials, a part of the bracket has a very important decorative function, which can enhance the grade of the table lamp or floor lamp, improve the atmosphere of the room, and affect the atmosphere of the whole house.

A good lamp finial is also a perfect display of a person’s thoughts. There are many kinds of lamp finials, and people’s choice determines people’s thoughts, people personalities, and people patterns. So this is not just a part of a decorative table lamp or floor lamp, but also an expression of people’s personal will.

Good lamp finials can make people mood happy, avoid many bad things from happening, and promote family harmony. Because good lamp finials can let people see the hope of happiness when people are upset, a lot of unhappiness will die. So this is a very important part, and it must not be ignored easily.

Importance of Lamp Finials for sale thread size

Many users of table lamps or floor lamps have a misunderstanding of thinking. They believe that lamp finials are universal.

Today, with the development of online sales, they will place orders at will when they see the lamp finials that they like.

But when they receive the goods and start to try to install them, they will find that the lamp finials can’t match the table lamp or floor lamp. In the end, they can only return the goods or keep them for later use after buying a new lamp or floor lamp, wasting money and time.

The mood of the experience is not good, and even affects the state of one or several days. people know, bad mood can cause many bad things to happen, and these are all due to not carefully confirming the size of the lamp finials.

Information of lamp finials thread size ¼-27 and 1/8-IP

A. Most lamp finials have a ¼-27 thread and screw onto a lamp harp. Some lamps do require a finial with a larger hole. This is usually a 1/8-IP thread and measures approximately 3/8″ in diameter.

Now qing chang know that most of the table lamps or floor lamps fit thread size ¼-27 lamp finials,and table lamps use this size more than floor lamps.

1/8-ip is usually used in a big size lamp, like the floor lamp or less big size table lamp.

Thread size ¼-27 and 1/8-ip these two sizes, suitable for most desk lamps or floor lamps, these two sizes can become synonymous with universal sizes. Thread size ¼-27 for most table lamps and size 1/8-ip for most floor lamps.

Finally words

qingchang all know lamp finials are very important in qingchang live. So Lamp Finials manufacturers – qingchang must confirm the thread size of lamp finials and then purchase correct size lamp finials to fit qingchang table lamp or floor lamp.

Just do this, qingchang can save money and time get correct and nice lamp finials.

Also if have any idea or good information about lamp finials, please contact qingchang in people free time. qingchang believe qingchang can have a nice talking about the lamp finails or other lamp accessories product.

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