The Human Microbiome Has Emerged as the Critical Moderator Connecting the Food and Bodily Interactions

The microbiome refers to the trillions of bacteria in the digestive tract and it is the hottest medical news topic these days.

The human microbiome has emerged as the critical moderator connecting food and bodily interactions. In addition, it is increasingly recognized that the microbiome has the potential to change moods and health status. As a result, microbiomes are the primary focus of human health research, medicine, and nutrition. Recent research describes how the conventional Western diet and super-sanitized lifestyle are starving our microbes, diminishing the “good bugs” that are essential for our health, and fostering the development of the wrong kinds of bacteria.

Researchers believe that the microbiome will transform the future of human health, food, and even the way they think about what it means to be “human”. It is already hard to imagine proper health care that does not consider the health of the microbiome.

However, there are many ways the microbiome can be influenced, and identifying changes in the microbiome composition that cause an illness is challenging for authors and researchers. As a result, various books explaining the microbiome are inconsistent and provide contradictory results, and can be confusing to readers.

Being an evolutionary biologist, a plant ecologist, and an educator. People write to explain and encourage and use feedback from readers to clarify the message. People want to know more, and they want to take control of their health decisions. Unfortunately, the messages we are getting from almost all microbiome books are that “it’s very complicated”, “we’re just getting started”, and that the research and medical worlds will need lots of time and money to figure this out. We don’t have to wait for science or modern medicine to figure things out or for researchers to devise technical solutions to fundamental biological problems. I believe this is the time to unlock the real potential of the human microbiome.

I present the microbiome in a light that has not been considered in any other book on the market

While reading the book, you will realize how effectively I decode the massively complex microbiome. Then, I introduce the microbiome in terms of what it means to human health, why it will take so long to understand and what complicates that process, what it means for modern technology-based medicine, and, most importantly, how our understanding of ourselves has to change. Indeed, how we eat, make food, and care for our world has to change. By the end of the book, readers should not only understand the microbiome in broad terms but should be able to make informed decisions about personal health, starting with food choices. This book is a must-read if people feel it is time to regain control over the basics of their health and wellness.

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