Medals are a form of reward and expression for everyone’s success. Medals include awards, which are the pursuit of perfection after idealization. Medal customization has long-term practical significance and different use value for everyone. The price of the medal is related to the raw material, and the raw material is also different. The medal is a gate valve that records time. Everyone can fight for it. The process of customizing and designing medals must be reflected in different ways. Medals are divided into different sizes. Medals can be placed on the table or pasted on the wall. The medal can be hung around the neck, which means a kind of honor.

How to maintain the medals:

1. Not touch directly by hand. If you touch it frequently, sweat and other chemicals will remain on the surface of the medal, which can easily cause air oxidation. When receiving the trophy, wear clean and soft cloth gloves, or use medical tweezers to hold the trophy

2. It is not recommended to place the trophy in an area without natural ventilation for a long time. Otherwise, in the cold and humid temperature, the water vapor on the surface of the medal will not be fully utilized, and it is very easy to be oxidized.

3. Prevent contact with harmful substances that are wet, cold or environmentally polluted. The rainy, hot temperature and the dirty natural environment such as restaurants and kitchens in the south are very vulnerable to erosion

4. You can use the protective wire cover to seal the trophy layer by layer, then put it in the iron cookie box and cover it with a little moisture-proof agent.

5. The trophy should be packed in 1pcs (empty bag or 0PP self-adhesive tape or high-grade packaging box) and stored separately.

6. For the oxidized trophy, take a cloth and add a small amount of whitening toothpaste, gently wash it to remove the air oxidation layer, and then place it in a sealed container for storage.

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