The HexTech Project: 1st DeFi Project to Combine Certificate of Deposit & Utility NFTs

Could this be the new HEX?! The Hextech Project is the first DeFi project to combine a secured Certificate of Deposit protocol and utility NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Public presale will start on January 26th and will last for 5 days, or until the hard cap is reached.

The Certificate of Deposit will allow users to earn more $HXT (the project’s official and main currency) through staking $HXT for a predetermined period of time, chosen by the user itself. It essentially is a bond between the user and The Hextech Project.

This will be the only method of inflation for $HXT. In the same way that bitcoin allows users to mine bitcoin through hashrate, The Hextech Project will allow its users to create $HXT through bonds: the longer you bond, the more you earn.

Here is some useful information about the project. Don’t hesitate to check the Whitepaper out for the nitty-gritty details.

What capabilities will be granted to NFTs holders?

Through the utility NFTs called HexTech Components, users will be able to enhance their experience and get better daily returns or unlock new interactions, such as rolling or scraping a bond. This allow them to have different investment strategies depending on what their goals are.

Each Hextech Component will be assigned a rarity and a unique ability which provides an incentive to investors to trade them in order to combine their effects.

When Will the HexTech Project Launch?

$HXT will launch on the Polygon network through 3 rounds:

January 25th 2022: The first round is a whitelisted presale open to 300 early backers, advisors and early birds. Whitelisted users will be able to purchase $HXT at $0.016 USD / Tokens, with a max purchase per wallet of $1,000 (usd) per wallet.

January 26th 2022: The second round will be a public presale that will be first come, first served. Users will be able to purchase $HXT at $0.023 USD / Tokens, with a max purchase per wallet of $20,000 USD per wallet.

January 31st 2022: The third round will be a fair launch, with 60% of the amount raised in the first 2 rounds going into the liquidity. Users will be able to purchase $HXT at $0.03 USD / Tokens.

The Hextech Certificate of Deposit and the utility NFTs will launch a couple of months after the presale on Polygon network. Hold onto your presale $HXT to be one of the first to buy Hextech Components!

What about the longer term?

The Hextech Project aims to create an entire ecosystem revolving around $HXT as its base currency. Simply creating a certificate of deposit without giving its token a real purpose is the same as working at your everyday job without being able to spend your dollars at the end of the day.

Once the initial inflation phase starts to dial down, The HexTEch Project’s goal is to add new protocols and functionalities to the HexTech ecosystem and burn a maximum number of new tokens created every year to slow down inflation.

You can join the Discord server to keep up with the latest news and updates and interact with the Community:

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