Hastens has recently teamed up with acclaimed master interior design Ferris Rafauli to create an exclusive collaboration. The Hastens Grand Vividus represents a new level of comfort, craftsmanship, and luxury mattress.

Miami, FL — (SBWIRE) — 01/13/2022 — Rafauli is best known for his forward-thinking design projects and luxury home decor for clients worldwide. Taking inspiration from Hasten’s heritage and namesake that has been around since 1852, Rafauli incorporated a design that paid homage to the history of bed and saddle makers of Hasten’s past.

In the Haestens Grand Vividus, you can find luxury materials that make for the ultimate comfort. Shagreen, a richly textured hide, has represented elegance for centuries. You can find it on the corners of the bed and on the decorative handles.

Golden brass details remind us of Hasten’s rich history from the buckles and studs of the horse saddles they used to make. You can find a nameplate made of the material and all leather detailing secured by golden brass studs.

The bed’s handwoven fabric is made only from breathable cotton and upholstered with a unique design from Rafauli, with Hasten’s famed horse insignia. A solid nubuck base is made from a debossed check-patterned nubuck, giving it a unique flair.

Naturally tanned leather from high-quality European leather was produced without chemicals and dyed with unique colors to match nearly any design style. All edges of the bed’s leather are polished and burnished, giving it a smooth finish.

The Haestens Grand Vividus can be purchased at Brickell Mattress, located in the heart of Miami. Visit us in-store or online to experience the splendor of the Haestens Grand Vividus for yourself.

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