The Golden Hour’s New SynthPop Single Is All Set for Release

The most awaited Synthpop single by The Golden Hour will release on March 4th, 2022. It is the first single of the artist’s Debut Album, written with melodies to soothe the mind and take you to a memorable soundscape.

March 1st, 2022 – The single “Your Surrender” is the reflection of a time in which one has coped with and left behind various things in life.

The Most Awaited Single Release by The Golden Hour is expected to hit the music industry soon. It is the first single off his highly awaited Debut Album: “Along Came The Sunset”. The Retro Music in the single will blow the audience away and have them listening on repeat.

The style of the music distinguishes itself from other artists, as it is transparent, daring, and full of hope. The song introduced by the artist pushes the boundaries beyond the limits of perception and inspires listeners worldwide.

“Your Surrender” is the reflection of the life of the artist. It mainly talks about the difficulties of leaving the past behind and looking forward to live in the present, without worrying about the future. As a result, the piece emphasizes enjoying the moment in which you live. The idea behind the song is inspired by the personal experiences of the artist and his struggles.

About the company/Author/Singer: 

The modern era of music has given birth to enigmas and artists of all shapes and sizes, defying expectations about what an artist is. Nobody has done it quite like The Golden Hour, an artist who embodies the modern era’s essence. Matteo Zandonella Bolco is a multi-talented musician who has brought Retrowave Synth-Pop music into the world through his desire to motivate, inspire, and comfort his audience while spreading love and joy to all who hear it.

As a result of his father’s work traveling around the world, Matteo grew up moving from country to country, yearning for a sense of belonging. There were few times in his life when he felt more hopeful than when his thoughts turned to the future. He was swept in many directions before turning pain into purpose and lessons into studio sessions, despite his heart’s desire for music. This passion was concentrated into The Golden Hour after it became clear that it needed to be expressed in greater depth.

The music is mind-blowing and can inspire the life of individuals. This music will help the listeners relate themselves to their life struggles and inspire them to live in the present world, which they have achieved after struggling and leaving the past behind.

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