The Global Movement of Hope Founder, Nadene Joy, Redefines What’s Possible

Nadene Joy

Have you ever met someone so inspiring, so driven, and so passionate that they redefine what’s possible for you? Nadene Joy is one of those women. She’s the founder of the Global Movement of Hope who has helped dozens of businesses grow, and she’s also a director sitting on several boards creating massive impact in the planet. Her work has had a transformative impact on people all around the world, and I can guarantee you’ll be inspired by her story. So pull up a chair and join me as I chat with Nadene Joy — one of the most impactful women you’ll meet this decade. 

Nadene Joy is an inspiration to us all. After being told by a mentor that she was meant for more than what she believed possible, Nadene felt something wasn’t right and became progressively ill over several years’ time. Ignoring the messages of the mentor and the urgent physical signs of distress and pain her body was sending, Nadene pushed on like many until she could no longer ignore the truth. She reflected while on her death bed on the many people who climb the corporate ladder with the false belief that it will lead to happiness. They ignore the messages from within and of their mentors and continue to push themselves to do more even when their bodies are in distress. Ultimately, they achieve all their “dreams” but are still unhappy. Nadene offers advice for how to find true happiness and a fulfilling purpose in life outside of professional success. 

Humans are often not aware of the danger they’re in until it’s too late. Nadene was a perfect example, and her story highlights how she managed to overcome impossible odds with grace despite carrying a deadly life-threatening toxin. The toxins from treatments took away all hope for this woman. On her deathbed and down to 90 pounds, unable to work or do anything for herself anymore due in part from the painful toxins of treatments that brought about this point; all hope seemed lost. But then something amazing happened-she evolved into a more powerful version than before that she previously believed was not humanly possible! With newfound strength through adversity comes new opportunities – can you imagine what could happen if we applied such lessons learned? 

Nadene faced very difficult times during her illness, but she chooses light over dark every time she sees herself during a tough time situation. She has been through some hard times and it’s only natural that we would feel like giving up in these circumstances because, after all, there seems no hope for us anymore; however, if you keep playing your victim then death will take its due course- fortunately this passage isn’t sealed with blood handwriting on behalf of Nadene’s prospective destiny as 1) An inspirational story about how much someone overcame. 2) A call into action inviting everyone reading. 3) To realize they too may lose everything yet still manage their own success. 4) And provide inspiration from various examples where others were able to fight back against adversity. 

Nadene Joy, a woman who was once on the brink of death and had everything taken from her in an instant is now living life to its fullest. She made a commitment with God that she would dedicate all remaining time here on earth for His glory by serving top leaders according to the Kingdom’s will; this includes being an expert royal advisor as well as mentor or coach! While there were times when it seemed like nothing would change – including losing nearly everything- eventually something new did arise: She had a call from within herself, telling her that it was no longer about her at all and in fact became all for the mission of how many lives she could positively transform through creating the Global Movement of Hope. She showed up with authenticity to show people what they need: truth without facades or illusionary masks which cover their faces buried under lies–a world full on these days. 

Nadene Joy’s journey to self-love was long and difficult. She experienced the fear of being judged, not good enough or saying something wrong at every turn in life that she struggled with unworthiness for years until eventually it caught up to her so much that on one side there lies now courageously showing up fully with audacious boldness with superior quality, distinction, and extraordinary greatness from the inside out always (no longer “perfection” as this is just an unrealistic illusion) to be the best version of herself. Nadene used those internal pains of fear, difficulties, and insecurities into become an impactful royal role model and mentor who now confidently speaks out against any unfair treatment from others because you deserve more than this! 

It’s almost impossible to name a renowned woman in the world today who has not been influenced by Nadene Joy. From being featured on top media outlets like USA TODAY, The Globe and Mail, and CBC, or having her words spoken at international stages including The Los Angeles Tribune Summit – this powerful speaker is without question one of Americas most respected women entrepreneurs. Nadene Joy will always hold an important place within our society as she continues breaking barriers while confidently and compassionately inspiring others through success whatever that may entail. 

Nadene Joy became the selected delegate and recipient of TISGS Award for Business Excellence in Social Impact (Dubai), Woman of Substance Award from The St. Mother Theresa University in India as well as being one many who were honored with Top 40 Global CEO Awards. She’s also founder/chairman at Lead 2 Impact Summit. As an international bestselling author, Nadene Joy has written several books and co-authored countless books over her career with many prominent leaders such as Kevin Harrington, hit star of the TV Show Shark Tank. 

Nadene Joy is a passionate and dedicated woman who has lost her father to suicide 2 weeks after her first son was born. But she did not let it bring down the fight. She continues with life and a laser focus to work harder every day for those less fortunate than herself while also sitting as a director on several boards that helps combat homelessness, hunger, advocating for women and children including all vulnerable members of society. She is passionately involved in bringing suicide awareness, education, and prevention to all of humanity!  

Nadene Joy is a selfless changemaker who has dedicated her life to empowering children, alleviating poverty and hunger through education and taking diligent action forward each day. She’s an iconic figure in the world of empowerment for women, economic recovery, sustainability, freedom, unity, world peace, healing, environmental issues, hope, and an active advocate for speaking truth in a time of uncertainty. 

Nadene is a changemaker who has dedicated her life to transforming others, being an impactful servant role model and humanitarian. She makes strong distinctions in our world by living with faith that God loves everyone unconditionally for exactly who they are; this philosophy drives all the decisions she takes on behalf of those around her – from where you live, down to your clothes you wear, food you taste or what music inspires feelings from deep inside yourself! 

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“Hope without action is like fire without fuel.” – Nadene Joy

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