The Future Is Health – Asad Yusupov Explains How Covid Is Changing the Restaurant Industry

It’s undeniable that Covid has increased health consciousness all over the world. For one thing, it’s being speculated people are going to continue wearing masks for purposes other than covid, such as to avoid respiratory allergies and keep airborne infectious diseases from spreading. But perhaps a more fascinating trend is Covid’s impact on the restaurant industry. 

Here to explain this shift is Asad Yusupove. He co-owns Haiku Tampa and Sweet Fish, two of the fastest-growing health-focused restaurants in the industry.

Towards Fruits and Vegetables

Yusupove says, “We’re only beginning to realize the health impact of plant-based foods as opposed to animal products, and this will greatly impact our health nationwide.”

Animal products such as meat and poultry are responsible for some of the deadliest diseases in the world. Hearth disease, USA’s no. 1 killer by far, is caused by a high intake of cholesterol and saturated fats. But cholesterol only exists in animals; you can never get cholesterol from plants. Luckily, your body is capable of making all the cholesterol you need, so you don’t have to consume any. Plant-based foods are also much lower in saturated fats as compared to animal-based foods.

A growing number of nutritionists and health researchers now recommend replacing animal products with plant-based ones. This, combined with the increase in health consciousness that Covid has caused, it’s only a matter of time before health-focused restaurants become more than a niche.

A Trend in Pescatarian Diets 

Fish is the go-to source of Omega-3 fatty acids for most nutritionists. Yusupove says, “Fish contains proteins and other nutrients that plant-based products lack.” 

Fish is very low in saturated fats and high in protein, which is why a lot of health-conscious people are adapting pescatarian diets. Indeed, many blue zones (regions where people often live healthy well into their 90s) strictly avoid meat and poultry but eat fish.

Many health-focused restaurants, including Yusupove’s Sweet Fish and Haiku Tampa, serve fish with plant-based foods.

Environmental Responsibility

As Yuval Noah Harari speculates in his article “the world after coronavirus,” the planet is likely to get further unified against our common problems. And having suffered through one global threat already makes the threat of environmental collapse seem much more real.

“The growing sense of environmental responsibility is likely to impact our diets,” says Yusupove. And animal-based products are one of the biggest drivers of global warming. If we are to keep this planet habitable, we’re going to have to adapt to plant and fish-based diets anyway. The future is health. 

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