Opix Technology Limited successfully concluded its first online summit on March 26th, 2023. The summit, themed “Blueprint, Trends, Goal, Scale,” was a major event in the field of financial technology and algorithmic trading. It attracted 1000 industry elites and leaders from 20 countries to explore the future development of algorithmic trading and Opix Technology. Top experts from around the world engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges under four themes. Opix Technology CEO Joseph stated, “We will witness a major transformation and rewire of the DNA of the forex industry in the algorithmic trading field, achieving a breakthrough in financial technology.”

During the keynote speech, Opix Technology’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Algorithmic trading enterprises are increasingly using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, which clearly improve user experience. We believe that incorporating these important technologies into our DNA can make us a powerful competitor.”

True Finance

Opix Technology defines itself as “True Finance.” Opix Technology’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “This sentence will be our goal for moving forward. From day one, Opix Technology has adhered to this culture, and we have repeatedly proven transparent trading and open verification, demonstrating not the incompetence of others, but our true ability to create self-sustaining profits. Our technology can truly earn profits in the financial market.”

Global Development

Opix Technology’s Director of Global Development and Market, Raymond, stated that the global international planning is Opix Technology’s core development priority in 2023, strengthening financial infrastructure construction globally. Opix Technology aims to expand to over 30 countries and establish 100 global cooperation offices in 2023. He also emphasized that enterprises should have an international strategic vision and actively participate in global competition, creating a good environment to attract global talents.

The summit made a positive contribution to the global algorithmic trading and financial technology industry. This is not only a major event for Opix Technology but also an international event. Opix Technology, as a leading algorithmic trading service provider, invited financial professionals from around the world to exchange ideas with an open attitude, reflecting the company’s determination to promote high-level internationalization.

Invited to Attend the Bangkok iFX Expo

Raymond, Director of Global Development and Market, also announced that Opix Technology will be invited to attend the 2023 Bangkok iFX Financial Expo and will be one of the ELITE sponsors. As one of the world’s top financial events, iFX Expo has always been an important bridge connecting the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern financial markets. We believe that through this financial expo, Opix Technology will be propelled onto the international stage.

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