The First Online Money School Announces Its Life-Transforming Code From Student to Millionnaire Course

Funding students project, training them, and helping them secure a promising future

London School of Money, The first online Money School, is excited to announce its Code From Student To Millionaire course designed to transform the lives of students and secure a promising future for them. Through the training, which lasts for 6 months, students are equipped from any region of the world with the right knowledge needed to start off their transformation paths and be successful in them. In the course of the training, the school offers guarantees and collateral to banks and other financial institutions to get loans from £50,000 to £10,000,000 with the aim of funding student projects. 

Offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee, LSOM designs its course schedule in such a way that students can start new courses every month. Although the admission is ongoing, there are limited seats available for registration. During the training, students are afforded the opportunity to choose three different business ideas that are unique to their goals and create a business plan strategy according to the economic demands of their countries. The project strategy will be carefully reviewed and audited to ensure that it can be adopted to achieve its identified business goals.

Interestingly, after training the students in developing these unique business strategies, the school does not issue visas but will assist students in applying for the United Kingdom Visa. To achieve long-term goals, students are trained to design profitable business plans, having thoroughly researched their business of choice. Through the Money Code course, students are provided with advanced knowledge of securing, managing, raising, and multiplying money to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. For interested candidates, the LSOM course does not require students to be graduates as the courses are packaged in an easy-to-understand format with clear, step-by-step approaches. 

Having a team of experts and professionals, including global financiers, ex-banking executives, international lawyers, chartered accountants, top-flight investors, company executives, and mentors as course trainees, LSOM directly operates under the standards of The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), a connection that raises the bar for high teaching practices. The school also applied accreditation of The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) the UK as their standard to help students become equipped with the knowledge and skills for successful management and leadership roles.

“From A to Z on the success spectrum, LSOM aspires to be a leading force in transformational economics worldwide by supporting students in leaping from job-hunters to business-owners, all without promises, politics, or hype. Given the choice of being different and quietly standing out, or being the same as others and getting lost in the crowd, the company decided to take a sober, level-headed approach to help others get ahead in business and in life by building a solid foundation for course participants to stand on and launch from. Something reasonable, easy-to-follow, and fulfilling to work with, a system that produces measurable results with a keen application of effort, focus, and open-mindedness. And all the help in the world – From Student to Millionaire,” said the school’s spokesperson.

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