The Femme Lords of Outpost 9 (Floo9) Is a Fantasy Filled, Interactive Media, Art and Metaverse Initiative

This NFT collection contains 50 beautiful, unique Femme Lords and a base character set of 5,000 Citizens. Each Femme Lord and Citizen has a specific role to play in the universe, as the future depends on them.

Philadelphia, USA โ€“ Who are the Femme Lords of Outpost 9?

Floo9 as it is also called, is a unique collection of 50 super rare, hand drawn (not more than one alike) Femme Lords, and 5000 Citizens with over 200+ traits living on the Solana blockchain featuring beautiful and powerful women from the future, all drawn by a female artist!!ย 

According to their official website:

โ€œAlmost two millennia after Earthโ€™s Final War, in the year 4276, the Femme Lords are in charge of populating other planets to keep humankind alive. Their intergalactic Aural Directives are sent to the remaining men on a barely habitable Earth as well as other planets with male alien species throughout the universe. Once received, the men choose which Femme Lord they would like to send their DNA code to via the Binary Parallel. The DNA technicians on the various Outposts infuse the Femme Lords with the genetic code necessary to reproduce. Once the babies are born, they are raised on their respective planets as Citizens to hopefully one day become a Femme Lord. Just like the Femme Lords are in charge of the Outposts, the base character set of 5000 Citizens are in charge of keeping their planets in check. Each Citizen has a job to do, and if they gain a valuable skill, they can potentially become a Femme Lord through a variety of challenges, and a tournament that takes place once every cycle. Will your Citizen become a Femme Lord? Or will you already be a Femme Lord?โ€

So why is Floo9 different from other projects?

Unlike most NFT and Metaverse projects that hype everything up before they complete their roadmap, Floo9 has already completed the majority of theirs. For example they have already:

Completed the art (4 base characters and 200+ traits) and software needed to randomly generate 5,000 Citizens.
Completed more than half of the unique Femme Lords.
Bought a parcel of land in The Sandbox, in a fantastic location.
Purchased a stake in $SOL, $POLIS, and $SAND for the project wallet.
Minted a token called $COG with 42M supply to add more value to the project.
Created a beautiful website, project graphics, and social media marketing material.
Added a voxel artist to the team and started creating Femme Lord voxel avatars.
Committed to support two charities (see below).
Created a Trello board full of utilities and tasks.

The diverse, and inclusive team also arguably has one of the worldโ€™s youngest female NFT artists on the team: Xuraa, at just 13 years old!ย 

The team is also working on games for their Sandbox land, as well as planning to host a ton of events there and other metaverses. Whitelisted members will have exclusive access, and all NFT holders will have access to their Sandbox land, events, giveaways, and games.

Who will I help in the process?

To help make the world a better place, Floo9 has committed to donating a portion of each NFT sale to purchase a handmade item from Himalayan craftswomen in Kathmandu, Nepal. Holders can combine NFT purchases to have the project purchase rare quartz and sea salt extracted from the Himalayas as well. All items are also available for sale on the projectsโ€™ eCommerce site, with all proceeds going directly to these disenfranchised women.ย 

Additionally, the project founders have been helping raise baby orangutans whose parents were killed by poachers, and their rainforest habitat, by donating to the nonprofit Orangutan Foundation International. Theyโ€™ve been supporting this nonprofit for years already and will now add additional support through the project.

So how can I get a Femme Lords or Citizen?

The date and the price for the Femme Lords and Citizen NFTs mint will soon be revealed.

However, you can join the Floo9 discord community to stay updated and to get access to limited NFT raffles and special rewards each week such as $COG token giveaways. The first 1,000 members who perform a set of simple tasks will be Whitelisted and gain special access to future rewards including various types of cryptocurrency.ย 

Follow Floo9 on:

Discord: Floo9

Twitter: @femmelordsnft

Instagram: @femmelordsnft

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