January 25, 2022 – Duvoss Tech Group Limited introduces the DUVOSS portable speaker described accurately as a phone-sized speaker that delivers implosive sound. This compact device comes with lightweight speakers and incredible acoustics. With the use of innovative technology, DUVOSS successfully performs like a true wireless stereo with unmatched quality.

The DUVOSS portable speaker allows the user to curate the soundtrack of their life everywhere they go. Whether it’s to the beach, mountaintop, or even a workout, it is the perfect musical accompaniment. It’s lightweight with a grab-and-go audio solution, has Bluetooth features that allow it to carry everything from the deepest, funkiest bass lines to the smoothest treble notes. 

“Never again hear the words, “I wish we had some music.” DUVOSS is the compact and lightweight solution for engaging all your musical desires, no matter where you go. Forget bulky speakers and messy wires. DUVOSS easily fits into any bag or pocket ready to deliver a big sound at the touch of a button”, says a spokesperson for DUVOSS.

A small size doesn’t mean small power. DUVOSS delivers big, crystal-clear sound with its two built-in 5W multi-directional speaker cones. Not only does it bring impressive acoustics, but its gorgeous design is also worth fawning over. Small to large grilles correspond to low, mid, and high tones that deliver impressive bass, majestic midrange, and a full treble.

DUVOSS embodies IP67 waterproof standards. Its tight seal and construction keep out debris, making it suitable to be carried anywhere. Its Bluetooth connectivity stretches 10m, allowing the user to enjoy music from virtually any device. The innovative design holds a magnetic charging facility that keeps it sealed and helps to protect it from water and dust.

Duvoss Tech Group Ltd., affiliated with the IEC Group. It owns advanced techniques in cooperation with HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and DELL. The brand brings together great talents from different industries. Bluetooth headphones, ultra-thin speakers, etc., are some of the brand’s major products, covering three major areas: sports, entertainment, and office.


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