The Dissonance Between Fate and Destiny May Never Be Avoided as Both Meets Heads on in This New Book by M.J Marin, the Book of Morrigan

What happens when fate battles with destiny, The fictional Piece by M. J Marin- The Book of Morrigan, brings to limelight the concurrent disparity of fate and destiny for Sean Walsh

The book of Morrigan centres on the main character, Sean Walsh who after surviving a mysterious childhood tragedy, worked hard to focus on his future. At just twenty-three he has his entire life mapped out, namely bagging doctorate in history from Dublin’s prestigious Trinity College, and a long, fulfilling career spent exploring dusty archives and sprawling libraries. With his quest for uncovering the past, he makes shocking discoveries about his mother and father.

Will these discoveries disrupt his carefully planned life? Or worse, his dreams of happily ever after with Keira. The Book of Morrigan takes the readers through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings ranging from fantasy, romance and suspense.

Battling between fate and destiny, The Book of Morrigan is perfect for historians, lovers of fiction, and classical literature.

The fictional piece takes the readers through a journey of destiny, fate and choice. The eBook is currently available on Amazon for interested readers.

About M.J Marin

M.J. Marin was born and raised in the Mediterranean town of Alicante, in southeast Spain. She is an avid reader of History, especially ancient and classical, but she reads any topics from XIX Dynasty Egyptian pharaohs to her favourite American history period, the Revolution. She loves visiting ancient and medieval towns like Avila, Segovia and Toledo in central Spain and she’s fascinated by historical architecture. M.J. currently lives in San Diego, California, where she moved permanently in 2001. She lives with her spouse, Mel, and Josie, a 2-year old miniature poodle-mix rescued in 2019.

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