1. Compared with ordinary toothbrush heads, the advantage of copper-free tufting technology is that the bristles are fixed on the brush head by hot-melt technology. Compared with the way of fixing the bristles by metal sheets, the bristles without copper sheet bristles are more stable, and can avoid the risk of oral injury caused by metal sheet oxidation.

The electric toothbrush itself is recognized by consumers because of its higher cleanliness and less damage to the oral cavity. If it still uses metal sheets to fix the bristles, its cleanliness and health will also be compromised.

The characteristics of ordinary metal toothbrush heads

Traditional toothbrushes use metal tufting technology, and metal sheets are used to fix the bristles. At present, about 95% of toothbrush heads on the market contain metal sheets (including copper sheets, aluminum sheets, iron sheets, etc.). Because the metal sheet in this process must have a stable support to fix the bristles. If you carefully observe the toothbrush head you use every day, there are two small slits at the root of each brush bristle. These two small slits are the metal sheet high-speed. It plays the role of fixing the metal sheet when it is punched in.

After using for a period of time, after the toothbrush head containing metal flakes invades water and other substances, some metal flakes may rust through oxidation and corrosion, which may be harmful to health. The traditional metal bristle toothbrush looks like this:

All in all, Baolijie suggest that it will be better to use copper-free toothbrush heads.

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