The Days of Centralized Cloud Storage Dwindling as IPFS Takes Shape

Storage systems moved from in-house servers to the clouds. The cloud storage, while it served as a scalable means of storing data, posed security challenges. 5ireChain is set to take storage a step further with IPFS. 

How IPFS Will Change Cloud Storage

Storage computing migrated from in-house servers to the clouds. Big enterprises and organizations subscribe to a pay-on-the-go model with storage providers. 

Cloud storage eliminates the bulky task of managing one’s storage device. Moreso, it provides a scalable storage system that greatly benefits startups. With limited funds, small enterprises and startups pay monthly fees to access storage space over the cloud. 

Like everything computing, cloud storage is about to change. The era of cloud storage redefined storage but IPFS is here to give it a new meaning. 

Cloud storage providers store a myriad of data in their servers and give their subscribers access to the server over the internet. It eased computing but did not fail to escape the shortcomings that befall all centralized databases. 

With a central storage system, data is exposed to cyber-attacks and data loss. Furthermore, accessing data from long distant servers tends to increase the bandwidth and costs more money to download. 

Blockchain gave birth to IPFS. An interplanetary file system is a decentralised model of data storage. It stored data in free storage spaces of nodes in the network. 

Blockchain is taking data storage a step further with cryptography and peer-to-peer technology. It provides an immutable, decentralized and secure means of data storage. Blockchain provides efficient and flexible management of data across industries, governments and organizations.

Data Storage with 5ireChain

With 5ireChain, enterprises and organizations can explore the benefits of decentralized storage technology. 

5ireChain storage makes data accessible to users over the public IPFS network while offering a modern-day business experience. 5ireChain prides itself on privacy, security, availability and premium performance of its decentralized data storage system. 

With 5ireChain, every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored on diverse nodes, making data breaches impossible. This decentralized approach also protects data from malicious attacks 5ireChain architecture upholds data privacy with default encryption on every file.

It offers its own public IPFS gateway for developers and enterprises, eliminating the need to build their own to serve their users. IPFS on the 5ireChain network is simplified to accommodate newbie developers and non-tech users.  

5ireChain also systematizes the procedure of structuring and organizing on IPFS. With 5ireChain, the process of utilizing the storage system is automated and seamless.

Since IPFS uses content addressing, every piece of content on IPFS has its own exclusive content identifier (CID). This CID is updated with every change to the content with which it is associated. 

For developers, keeping up with IPFS’s changeable content updates can be a hassle, since it would generally contain manually updating CID pointers. To this end, 5ireChain handles the dirty jobs involved in setting an IPFS storage. 

Bottom Line

IPFS is the new cloud. It will be decentralized and more secure than its predecessors. 5ireChain is a robust ecosystem that offers decentralized solutions, from IPFS to digital identity and everything in between. 

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