The Crypto Duchess, Monet Quarles, Participated as a Panelist in the Just Concluded Meta #SecureTheBag Black History Month Series

Being an expert in the crypto and NFT space, Monet Quarles was invited to speak at the event, which is part of programs lined up to celebrate Black History Month by employees of Meta

In February, in the United States, African Americans celebrate Black History Month, a month-long celebration of African American achievements and contributions. Every U.S. president since 1976 has officially recognized February as Black History Month. The United Kingdom and Canada also have similar celebrations recognizing the accomplishments of people of African descent in February.

On Thursday, February 10, employees of Meta (formerly known as Facebook) organized its #SecureTheBag Part 1: Earn Smarter series as part of events marking this year’s celebration of Black History Month. Monet Quarles, also known as the Crypto Duchess, participated as a panelist for the event by Meta. Monet was brought in as a woman of color and female expert in the crypto and NFT space to discuss and describe her crypto and NFT space journey as an investor and digital art collector.

Monet and other panelists were asked to describe the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, NFTs, how to get started with investing, and what exchanges or platforms to use during the panel discussions. Furthermore, the organizers asked for the panelists’ opinions on the status of most of the crypto and NFT projects that are out there and if they are going to survive the next bear market or plummet. It was an educative and informative session with Monet Quarles and other panelists.

Monet Quarles is the CEO of Duchess Consulting, a marketing and business development consultancy in the crypto and NFT space. Through The Crypto Duchess platform, Monet provides education, support, and resources to the public regarding cryptocurrency and NFTs. Monet has a special interest in women, and she’s ensuring that even though men heavily dominate cryptocurrency, women can find safe landings on the space through her platform and initiatives.

“I would like to make my platform a safe space for women to join the crypto and NFT space,” explained Monet Quarles, The Crypto Duchess. “Finding gems in the cryptocurrency and NFT space is like digging for gold. You have to put in long term effort and research to find projects that are solving a true, real-world problem. Once you find those projects, you will thank yourself due to the inevitable returns from those projects.”

About Monet Quarles

Monet Quarles is the CEO of Duchess Consulting LLC, a marketing and business development consultancy in the crypto and NFT space. She is also the founder of The Crypto Duchess, a platform that provides education and resources about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the public. She has been researching in the crypto space since 2009 and has been an investor since 2012. Monet is originally from New York but currently resides in Houston, Texas.

In addition to her work as an entrepreneur, Monet is also an avid reader and works out every day. She is enthusiastic about helping onboard as many people as possible into the crypto and NFT space. She is opening a DAO in the upcoming weeks to help assist female creators and art collectors in the NFT space.

Please visit or connect with Monet on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

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