The Creator of the First Social Network Is Italian

The land that once was the cradle of the Renaissance is home to some of the greatest technologists of the last 30 years from Pier Giorgio Perotto who created the first personal computer, to Federico Faggin, father of the microprocessor, to Marco Camisani Calzolari who created the first social network in history. The youngest of the three pioneers, born in 1969 in Milan, took on electronics as a child and continued through adulthood, working as a programmer; in 1993, when the first web browsers were launched, he created the first Internet sites.

Among his works are the first version of MTV’s website and several websites for major radio networks. In 1995, he created the first social network in history for a well-known Italian talent scout, Claudio Cecchetto. It was called InternetworkCity, a social network where users could have their own profile and communicate with one another. At the time, dynamic web did not exist and in order to receive messages, javascript alerts were used. Inside it he created Energy Bank, a bank that coined a virtual currency, certainly the first in the world, which was used to buy services such as chat or games.Β 

In 2000 he created the first online radio OnDemand, laying the grounds for podcasts, and a platform for collecting petitions that was born before the now well-known and became famous in numerous countries.

Today Marco Camisani Calzolari still works in the digital sector, he is an academic who teaches at university and has a passion for scientific dissemination. He lives in London but airs on Striscia la Notizia, the longest-running prime time television program ever and historically one of the most viewed on Italian television, where he divulges issues related to the digital world.

He has conducted the research that revealed the fake followers market to the general public. At the time, those who worked with social media for a living opposed his research. It was considered dangerous because it was revealing the dynamics of an unclean market, but it was then cited in numerous publications and by magazines around the world.

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