The Continents States University Announces the Appointment of Dr. Pradeep Ganguly as Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship

The Continents States University – College of Business and Entrepreneurship
The Continents States University appoints Dr. Pradeep Ganguly as the Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

The Continents States University has announced that Dr. Pradeep Ganguly will be the Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Ganguly is a reputed economic development advisor and strategic management professor with many years of experience in these domains.

“We are happy to announce the appointment of Dr. Pradeep Ganguly as the new Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, ” says The Continents States University spokesperson. “Dr. Ganguly has a Ph.D. in Applied Economics, has many years of graduate-level teaching experience in strategic management, and is a renowned economic development advisor. He received the Economic Development “Hall of Fame” award in 2019. 

Dr. Ganguly earned his PhD from Clemson University in the United States and also completed his further education in Leading Economic Growth from Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


His appointment will help The Continents States University manage the College of Business and Entrepreneurship more efficiently as he brings his many years of experience to the institution.”

The College of Business and Entrepreneurship offers a multi-faceted degree that helps students gain expertise in making financial decisions. The program’s key objective is to help students develop and design an efficient method for handling mutable skills. Students can

Develop skills and the ability to make sound financial and management decisions.
Design and apply methodological ways of executing organizational change and achieve sustainable growth.
Develop motivated leadership and support management leaders.

The degree program also assists students in managing complex agendas based on sound ethics and help organizations comply with corporate social responsibility. The course helps them enhance their skills in managing and resolving difficult and ever-changing business issues.

The appointment of Dr. Pradeep Ganguly as the Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship is a move in the right direction for the institution, which is rapidly gaining popularity for its quality online degree courses.

Dr. Ganguly brings the institution a wealth of experience and unmatched expertise in strategic management, skill enhancement, economic development, technology applications, and international business. He is a member of the Economic Development Hall of Fame and a Member Client Advisory Board at WRPS.

The Continents States University is an American online university based in St. Louis, Missouri. The University offers high-quality degree programs in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Healthcare Administration.

Every program offered by the University has something of value for the students. The learning journey is not only exciting but highly informative as well. All the degrees are structured for academic achievement.

The University’s mission is to empower future professionals with the best tools and skills so they can explore opportunities in the job market. The affordable and competency-based education provided by The Continents States University enables students to land their dream job quickly across the globe.

The Continents States University adheres to competency-based learning strategies. This type of learning structure allows students to pursue a personalized learning structure where they don’t have to follow a fixed timetable.

Competency-based learning is a flexible learning system that allows students to set a convenient pace of learning based on their needs and commitments. It leads to better student engagement and better outcomes.

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The Continents States University aims to equip future professionals with the right tools, skills, and opportunities to help them get excellent employment opportunities globally. The university was founded to offer an affordable, quality, and competency-based education to everyone across the continents.

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