The Common Man’s NFT, Now Made 3D: Nouns 3D

Nouns 3D is a community-driven derivative of The goal is to build a decentralized community to take over the world!

Singapore — (ReleaseWire) — 03/22/2022 — Non-Fun Tokens πŸ™

NFT’s or Non-Fungible tokens as we know are now the hype of the planet with every crypto fanboy, artist, celebrity and even Snoop Dogg on the train. But with every nice thing booming up, comes money makers and corporations who really are there to see their Etherscan account filling up.

Only a handful like Nouns, Pixlr Genesis and Samurai Doge are trying to preserve the true essence of NFT’s. In that bleak world, Nouns3D is an exciting NFT brand here to make NFTs fun again.

What is Nouns 3D tbh?
Nouns 3D is a decentralized project that envisions the creation of a 3D community. Nouns is not just a rich man’s club. It is for people like you and I. We are not one but many. And from many, one. Fair, open, and all around us. A nation of Nouns, a movement that will introduce the beauty of the 3D NFT voxels to the whole world!

First of one of the many metaverse-ready NFTs, Nouns 3D is a truly fun and aspirational project to make Nouns available to the masses. Created by a passionate team of NFT lovers who believe that NFTs are for everyone, forever; and Nouns 3D is their brain child.

Why is it special?
Immerse yourself in the digital world with Nouns 3D NFTs! Here are the benefits of owning one:

1. Place your Noun
Use Augmented Reality(AR) to place your Noun 3D across locations to our presence.

2. Animate your Noun
Comes with a GLB model compatible with popular 3D animation software.

3. Name your Noun
Change the name to make each Noun 3D your own. You are not just a nameless NFT.

4. Grow with Noun
Each Noun will generate utility tokens daily. Build products and services for the community.

5. Claim with Noun
Each Noun 3D will be able to claim additional benefits over time.

6. Work with Noun
Launch petitions and support causes to better the world.

$NOUN token
The team believes that every NFT either runs in a very long game due to their scarcity, or due to the hype. However, to truly give value to the NFT and the owners, Nouns 3D will come with a feature called ‘$NOUN token’.

Every Generation-1 Noun (1 to 7000) will accrue 10 $NOUN tokens every day for 5 years. This will give the users a chance to use another special feature known as ‘Compounding Noun’. In other words, owners of Gen-1 Nouns can use these tokens to exchange for a new Noun after the supply finishes!

That’s not all, remember Tamagotchi? Besides accruing $NOUN Tokens, Nouns 3D models can be used in our future game which is based on having a virtual Nouns 3D pet on your phone AND within an Augmented Reality environment where you can feed, play and grow!

Final thoughts- the project goal
The project has a very sturdy road map, which aims to grow to 100,000 Nouns and create scalable tools by the end of phase IV. 50% of secondary proceeds will go into a community wallet to fund further extension of the Nouns 3D universe indefinitely. Many possibilities!

As for licensing rights, all Nouns 3D are CC0 and can be used as seen fit. Nouns belong to nobody and everybody, true to the ethos of

When can you get it?
The community right now is at a building phase, inching closer to the minting date. Whitelist Spots are open and will close 2 days before Minting starts on:

7 Jan 2022, 4PM PST / 7PM EST
8 Jan 2022, 12AM UTC / 8AM SG

As for the pricing, you can get your very own Noun at 0.06 ETH during the first 2000 sale. So wait no more and join us.

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