The CARGYZ Project Celebrates the Makers of the Auto Industry With Their NFT Collection

Innovative Metaverse project, CARGYZ, explores the heroes of the auto industry with their new NFT collection

CARGYZ is a relatively new NFT project that is seeking to challenge the status quo in the industry by shining a light on the therapeutic potentials of non-fungible tokens. Created by a team of experienced professionals in the automotive field, the project aims to leverage the power of the Metaverse to celebrate heroes of the industry and the feats achieved, especially as the backbone of the world economy.

The global NFT market has undoubtedly witnessed an unprecedented spike in recent times as more projects emerge across industries to leverage the unique features and benefits of the concept. While the decentralized nature of the technology continues to attract millions of people to the concept, one aspect of NFT has been neglected, which is where the brains behind CARGYZ are looking to make a difference by bringing two powerful industries together through their NFT collection.

The CARGYZ aims to celebrate the people that have ensured the world remains mobile, irrespective of the happenings across the globe. The unsung heroes in the industry – the countless workers needed to make the auto industry function are celebrated in the collection. CARGYZ is particularly timely, considering the recent happenings worldwide and how the pandemic practically brought the world to a standstill even as these “tireless champions of the chariot” defy all odds to keep the world moving.

The NFT project pays homage to workers in the auto industry while connecting the real world with the virtual one. Series 1 collection of the project will feature 10,000 unique pieces highlighting the last link in a long chain of heroes – car salespeople. The first series called “The Sales Department” features a whimsical cast of characters created by talented Italian artist Mattia Tanieli. The characters include the GM, spots in Sales and Finance, with the rest of the collection dedicated to the salespeople, the backbone of the Dealership.

The whitelist launch date for the CARGYZ NFT collection is scheduled for March 29th, 2022 at 11 pm EST, with the public launch of March 31st, 2022.

In addition to the NFT collection, the team also plans to develop a comedy animated series outlining the everyday lives of CARGYZ. The move is part of the goal of lifting spirits and adding a bit of levity to what have been very difficult times for the industry.

For further information about the NFT launch and other aspects of the Metaverse project, visit – CARGYZ can also be found across social media, including Discord and Twitter.

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