The Canada Visa Waiver Program Introduced a Three-Step Visa Application Process for All the Visa-Exempt Countries Like Greece and Romania

Canada in a joint agreement with the United States introduced the Visa waiver program in 2015. It is useful for all the citizens of certain Visa-exempt countries in receiving a fast e-Visa. Canada Visa Application Online is a simple three-step procedure, which can be easily done from home.

Canada Visa Online is an electronic travel document introduced by the Canada Government for foreign citizens. It was introduced to make it easier for foreign citizens to apply for Canadian visas. Now people can get a Canada e-Visa from their home, without visiting any offices or related places. By visiting, applicants can fill out the Visa application form with the necessary details, and upload the necessary documents. They will also charge a Visa application fee, which can be paid online. With these few steps the application is completed, and after the verifications, the individual will receive an e-Visa directly to their email.

Canada Visa for Greek citizens

Greek citizens can use Canada Visa Online to visit Canada by airways for short tourism, business, or transit visits. Since Canada Visa Online is not an optional requirement, all Greek citizens must apply for it. Canada Visa for Greek citizens is a long-term visa, which also offers a multiple entry facility. It offers validity for five years, in which a Greek citizen is allowed to stay in Canada for 90 days continuously. Greek citizens can also visit Canada for a short duration of one day or anywhere between 1 to 90 days. It is their choice to make frequent visits using this e-Visa.

Canada Visa for Romanian citizens

All Romanian citizens above 18 years are eligible to apply for Canada Visa. A separate application form is provided for young children to apply for Canada e-Visa. Like Greek citizens, Romanian citizens are also allowed to stay in Canada for a maximum of 90 days on each visit. Canada Visa Application Online is the fastest way for Romanian citizens to get a Canada e-Visa. In most cases, they will approve the Canada Visa Online within 24 hours, but it can also take up to 72 hours.

Applying for Canada e-Visa through offers the applicants a lot of benefits. Apart from the easy and simplified application process, they also provide many security features. Email recovery service is also available for those who unknowingly deleted the email with an e-Visa.

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