The Best Way to Store an E-Bike Explained by Mountain Electric Bike Brand HOVSCO

In March 2022, hovsco’s official website released the latest article, detailing how to store electric bicycles, providing professional advice for the majority of electric bicycle enthusiasts.

Assuming people use e-bikes on a regular basis, of course they will want to have them handy and ready to use, but if people are not using e-bikes for a while – perhaps due to a holiday or a winter stopover – more steps can be taken to ensure that e-bikes can be used for a while used again after storage.


Electric bike batteries need to be charged. Riders can do this while the bike is still connected if there is a handy power outlet. If not, many e-bikes allow the rider to easily remove the battery and charge it indoors. Considering availability is a good option.

While an e-bike’s battery management software can prevent overcharging, it’s best to disconnect it after the charging light shows it’s fully charged, rather than connecting it to a charger. Whether charging the battery on or on the bike, it should be kept away from extreme temperatures. Battery performance and capacity may be affected by high temperatures (over 40 degrees Celsius). If transporting an e-bike by car, do not place the e-bike in a place where it may overheat.


As with any other bike, it’s best to store e-bike in a safe place. The higher value of e-bikes makes them more attractive to thieves. Here are some tips for keeping e-bikes safe: Good security for bike storage and locking e-bikes to a sturdy ground anchor with a sturdy chain is critical.


Likewise, if the bike needs to be stored for an extended period of time, Hovsco recommends removing the battery and storing it in a dry place protected from extreme temperatures. It should also be stored without a full charge. Generally, 60%-80% of the power is the best storage state.

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