The Acting MD, published by White Falcon Publishing, is a corporate scandal/drama set in the world of Indian real estate. The book makes a bold claim that the greatest skill an Indian businessman needs is acting. This unique premise sets this book apart from the rest.

Although there are multiple key characters, the story primarily follows the journey of Pranav Rai, an aspiring actor who is dragged into the dirty world of real estate. Pranav Rai never wanted to take over his father’s company, Pyramid Housing. He wanted to be an actor. But little does he know that he is about to perform the role of a lifetime.

Thrust into the world of Indian real estate, Pranav feels completely lost. This is a high-stakes industry where the rules can be bent or even broken for the right price. From embezzling executives to the corporate giant, The VNM Group, Pyramid has threats all around it. When a hostile takeover seems imminent, Pranav’s only way out is Indus City – a township project like nothing else the country has seen before.

The authenticity of the corporate world and its characters is derived from the author’s own experiences, which helps the story remain rooted in reality. The author, Vikram Mankal, has worked in the energy and construction sectors before starting work on The Acting MD. He has also written for magazines and authored the weekly column Neighbourhood Watch for The Hindu. You can reach him at

With a racy plot and intriguing characters, there is never a dull moment in this book. The final act sets up a great premise for the sequel as well. With great early reviews, The Acting MD looks like it could go the distance.

The book is available for sale in India and internationally on Amazon –

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