The 8th China Live Line Work Technology Conference Has Concluded, NBC Will Provide Safety Live Line Work Guarantee

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On October 22, 2021, the 8th China Live Line Operation Technology Conference was concluded in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. With the theme of “Ingenuity, Lean and Innovation”, in-depth exchanges and discussions were held around new dialogues, new challenges and new opportunities of live line operation, presenting a wonderful and diversified academic feast.

#1 Together, discuss the future

The conference consists of keynote forum, sub-forum, thematic discussion, skill observation, exhibition and presentation, award party and other links, focusing on the following topics:

The development opportunity brought by the high requirement of power system reliability to the development of power non-blackout technology;

Challenges and opportunities brought by digital transformation to electric power maintenance and operation management;

High strength insulating materials, intelligent equipment, uav helicopter operation platform, etc.;

Sharing experience of high reliability operation and management of power grid in key cities;

Demand and development in the field of power non-blackout technology;

Work planning of live line operation in key power supply enterprises.

The conference interpreted the current situation and development trend of live line operation from different dimensions, and built a platform for technical exchange, experience sharing, skills display, professional cooperation and common development for the industry.

#2  NBC, strong strength

NBC is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of electric power connection and non-blackout operation equipment. 

At the meeting, Nabechuan focused on showing the independent research and development of 0.4kV products, 10kV products and medium and low voltage line splitter and other live working products.

With the country’s vigorous promotion of live work, live work has made outstanding contributions to improving power supply reliability and quality service levels, the meeting said.

According to the policy and planning, in the future, State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation have pointed out that they will further promote the live line operation. By 2022, the operation rate of the distribution network of State Grid will reach 82%, and zero planned power outage will be achieved in the maintenance and construction of distribution network in 10 world-class urban core areas such as Beijing and Shanghai.

#3 Establish standards and promote development

In order to keep up with the plan, during the conference, Nabichuan also started compiling the group standard of technical Guidelines for Quick Plug and Pull Connectors of Complete Switchgear with voltage grade of 10kV and below applied by China Electrotechnical Society, so as to promote the industry standard and promote the development of related technologies.

NBC will continue to create new achievements in power connection and non-blackout operation equipment, and provide more professional and exquisite power and electric solutions for the majority of users.

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