The 2K Days Project Is Relying on a Sturdy Tripod of Values and a Transformation of Wrong Beliefs as Drivers of Possible Global Change

A dedicated community, an actionable plan and a clear meaningful timeframe is all the world needs to change everything

We do not have all the time in the world. The greatest minds in science predict that we need 100 years to become a globally equitable and energy-neutral society. However, climate change on the other hand says we have to do it in 2 decades. Sadly, sustained social progress has tarried simply because social change is not a priority for comfortable or advantaged people. Familiar platitudes are tossed; encouraging people to be patient, stating that change happens slowly whereas this has been proven to be false. Money, time, energy and violence is required to dam the tides of change.

The president and founder of Forging Fortune, Mina Raver, is creating a community of global changemakers through her aptly named project; The 2K Days Project, that encourages change by employing social and political situations to support rapid technological advancement.

The 2K Days Project is an opportunity for visionaries, activists, and small business owners that are successful in business but are plagued by inadequacy in the face of humanity-threatening circumstances to drive change, or for-purpose entrepreneurs needing a dedicated community and unique business training optimized based on the intersections of biomimicry, civil complexity and self-development in order to realize their purpose through the impact of their business.

These changemakers comprise of visionaries, activists, and for-purpose entrepreneurs who are committed to developing, testing and perfecting those institutional alternatives in just over 5 years/2000 days. The director has this to say about the world-changing project: β€œWe’re leveraging the viability of these alternatives not through protest but through economics- we’re changing the world on the market. With a dedicated community, an actionable plan and a clear, meaningful timeframe, we can break away and ride the tide toward realizing our vision and our collective potential without even breaking a sweat. And that is the power of the 2K Days Project”.

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About Forging Fortune

β€œMina Raver is the founder and president of Forging Fortune. She is an activist, a 2020 congressional candidate (South Dakota at large) and a social impact business strategist. Forging Fortune offers strategies and individualized consultation for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to make social impact a natural component of their core business structure. In honor of their mission to advance the world toward social actualization through businesses, we’re launching the 2k Days Program to bring together emerging leaders from around the world.Β  Β 

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