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JB Production was founded in 2019 to fulfill a creative vision and provide intellectual services to its clients, including film development, artistic creation, publishing, and book production. In this regard, new authors will find JB Production the appropriate platform to launch their spectacular epic. The establishment of the e-commerce platform can now provide you with the finest of books, ebooks/audiobooks, movies, and other intellectual properties, according to JB Production experience.

JB Production specializes in producing intellectually creative works such as books and films by emerging talent. We want to offer ebooks and audiobooks through this website in addition to aiding such talent with writing books and producing films. The most recent of its publications is a children’s book titled Tezen: my lovely friend.

TEZEN: My Lovely Friend

TEZEN is the protagonist of one of Haiti’s most fabled stories, which was adapted into a children’s book named “TEZEN: My lovely friend“.

It’s a reference book that transports kids to a fantastic realm. It’s also available as an audiobook and a Kindle edition. The cosmos in which this novel takes place makes it impossible for anyone to be unaffected by life’s unexpected events. Haiti is the birthplace of this popular legend.

Haiti is a piece of land rich in culture, history, and unspoiled fauna and vegetation. The author of this unique novel wishes to describe our relationship with nature and how all creatures on this planet may happily coexist. To illustrate this point of view, he reveals it to us, among other things, through the deep friendship between Alicia, a little farmer, and Tezen, a pretty fish from the famous source of Nan Kreson.

This narrative illustrates how nature can be both cruel and forgiving and our ability as humans to comprehend this. It’s a story about faith, devotion, love, respect, and friendship. It demonstrates how even the tiniest of partnerships may bring delight into our life. So, let the warmth of the Caribbean Sea melt your heart and the sparkle of the bright sun brighten your eyes, and join us on this wonderful adventure.

Alicia, a 13-year-old girl from the village of KORAY in the town of Cayes Jacmel, is more extroverted than her family in the freshwater NAN KRESON. Her outgoing and easygoing demeanor has allowed her to interact with species other than humans, making her a stronger person. ALICIA learns how a fish named TEZEN can be a partner and guide on her journey. Because fish are not a species humans are known to speak of, Alicia is now concerned that her family will find out. She points to visiting Tezen at the beach only when her parents are not present.

The more Alicia visits the beach, the more at ease she becomes. On the other hand, she appears to be completely unaware that she is being followed by two members of her family and a family acquaintance.



This book is a must-read because it is extremely thorough and provides a unique perspective on Haitian culture. It’s a fantastic story. It comes highly recommended. Good luck with your reading! This book is now available for download on any smartphone, tablet, reader, or computer. TEZEN: My lovely friend, is accessible in both Kindle and audiobook formats. To let your children discover this charming Haitian story with lovely drawings, pick your audiobook or Kindle edition now: TEZEN: My lovely friend, is now available at New Age Editions.

Summing Up!

JB Production welcomes anyone who wants to confront ideas and concepts and put them into real works such as books, ebooks, and films. You’ll appreciate working in an open, cooperative environment that stimulates innovation and bridges gaps. We operate out of a Massachusetts office and have assisted dozens of writers in realizing their creative goals. Please get in touch with us. It has the potential to change your life.

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