A Texas Veteran, Bradley LaParade, is in excellent health aside from the fact that he has failed kidneys. For the past 36 months, he has been attempting to be listed on a local kidney transplant waiting list. Much to his surprise, the rather healthy patient has been denied multiple times with no clear reason why.

He has connected with several people willing to donate to him and still he cannot get his name on the Kidney Transplant List. “This is simply bs. It just does not make sense,” says Mr. LaParade. “What are they waiting on. I feel like I am wasting away on this [dialysis] machine,” he continued. 

This is following a concerning trend reported by the US News, Many ‘High Priority’ Patients Aren’t Getting Put on Kidney Transplant Lists. The report and study focused on kidney failure patients who would be expected to live many years after receiving a kidney transplant.

But the new study found that many patients who would fall into that category of ‘High Priority are not making it onto the transplant waitlist in a timely manner. Of more than 42,000 U.S. patients who would score in the top 20%, fewer than half were on the waitlist. And among the 34,000-plus who’d started kidney dialysis, only 37% were waitlisted for a transplant within three years.

“It’s extremely discouraging,” said study leader Jesse Schold, a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Patients who remain focused on getting off of dialysis are perplexed as to why they are still on dialysis when they are in reasonably good health, with possible donors. 

A kidney transplant is considered the best option for most people with end-stage kidney disease, or kidney failure. Currently, more than 90,000 Americans are on the donor-kidney waitlist, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the nonprofit that manages the nation’s donor organ system.

At this time, Mr. LaParade is looking for institutional assistance to cut through red tape and get listed so that he can continue his life in the church and help as many people as he possibly can. 

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Our mission is to provide users with the ability to build meaningful connections while improving engagement with trustworthy, comprehensive, and extensively vetted resources about kidney transplantation and longevity to help make informed personal and professional decisions as well as identify opportunities to improve kidney transplant frequency and success.

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Recognizing the huge gap in awareness of those on the Organ Donor List and others who are willing to help but unaware, we are choosing to dedicate our lives to using the power of the press to building meaningful connections.

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