Fast-rising online content creator and actor, Tennessee, announces plans to take up more roles in the movie industry as he looks to showcase his talent to a larger audience

Tennessee who has made a name for himself in the world of motion pictures as the talented actor and online influencer opens up on his readiness to accept more roles that align with his principles. Popularly known as Tennessee Will, the public influencer and part-time actor has demonstrated his prowess on several occasions, featuring in shows like American Detective and Fatal Attraction.

The global film industry has evolved and grown over the years, as more creatives emerge to deliver an amazing experience to the audience. Tennessee looks set to take the experience to another level, bringing his passion and skill as a content creator and expertise in making and editing cinematic videos to bear as seen in his pages on Snapchat and Instagram as well as the YouTube channel for the SixPackCoverage brand.

The University of Tennessee student has grown his online following on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat, with his captivating content going viral in minutes. William was able to shrug off his not-so-good grades in classes to excel in athletics, starting for his high school wrestling and track team and beating his competition to win several prizes for his school. However, he became known as a bodybuilder, competing as a physique model in several top shows, including the Knoxville Classic and The Tennessee State Show.

Tennessee has achieved an amazing feat as a public influencer and he seeks to transmit his success to the movie industry as an actor without necessarily sacrificing his passion for content creation. His ingenuity and ability to create content that almost immediately captures the attention of his online audience will undoubtedly make him an asset to stakeholders in Hollywood and the global film industry.

For further information about Tennessee and his works as an actor and online influencer, visit Instagram and LinkedIn.

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