TE-CO and Mitee-Bite Are the 2 New Vendors Added to Suncoast Precision Tools’ List

Suncoast Precision Tools is excited to announce the addition of two leading industrial tool manufacturers to their vendor’s list: TE-CO and Mitee-Bite. Suncoast Precision Tools partners with world-leading tools manufacturers to ensure their customers get the best.

“Suncoast Precision Tools has the best list of Vendors around!” says Suncoast Precision Tools’ CEO.

Suncoast Precision Tools partners only with reputable manufacturers and top brands. So, a brand that finds its way into its list of vendors must be exceptional in terms of high-quality products.

Established in 1926, TE-CO is a privately owned company based in Ohio. The company specializes in producing work holding devices, including set-up tools, clamps, tooling components, hoist rings, tooling columns, and plates, among others. TE-CO clamping kit, for example, provides the strongest grip on items worked on.

TE-CO has invested its capital in creating new products and facilities, thus creating jobs for Ohio residents. The company believes that its customers have a right to high-quality tools at fair prices. TE-CO is premised on the ideology of excellent customer service and professional, honest, and trustworthy relationships with neighbors, government, suppliers, sales representatives, stakeholders, employees, management, and customers.

The quality of tools manufactured by TE-CO is indisputable. They use the best materials and technologically advanced manufacturing processes to produce their tools. This ensures their tools serve their purpose and make work easier and more efficient for technicians.

The second company, Mitee-Bite Products, LLC, was founded in 1986 in New Hampshire by a group of forward-thinking engineers. Since its inception, the company has invested heavily in research, and today, it undertakes comprehensive turn-key projects and offers top-notch CAD designs.

Today, Mitee-Bite Products Inc is a leading innovator of low-profile edge, compact clamps to improve production processes and provide practical solutions to complex withholding applications. The company prides itself in producing tools that allow technicians to work efficiently.

“We pride ourselves in producing a product that allows customers to improve their processes by simple means,” says one of the company engineers.

Mitee-Bite Products Inc. constantly designs and develops new procedures and products to help reduce waste man-hours, save on material cost, reduce set-up and standardization, and idle spindle times while increasing output and efficiency.

The company serves industries that require some holding in their manufacturing process. The Mitee bite clamps are strong, durable, and are made of high-quality material that meets international industry standards.

By signing up TE-CO and Mitee-Bite, Suncoast Precision Tools keeps to its promise of supplying the best tools to its esteemed customers. In addition, Suncoast has amassed extensive experience in clamping tools and knows its customers’ needs.

The company partners with leading global industrial manufacturers known to produce high precision tools.

About Suncoast Precision Tools

Suncoast Precision Tools is a leading industrial tools and equipment corporation offering high-quality tools through its partner brands. The company is led by highly trained and experienced engineers that ensure every tool produced meets industry standards. When it comes to precision and clamping tools, Suncoast Precision Tools has the best variety of tools to choose from.

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