24H Sleep Monitoring/AI Sleep Analysis/Dual Crisis Alert/Golden 5% Incline/Maternal Embrace Feeling/Cyclic Heat Dissipation/Soft Music

TCSC, a leading brand in baby care products, is proud to unveil its latest offering, a revolutionary baby bed that redefines convenience and safety for infants. The TCSC baby pod is designed to be portable and versatile, making it suitable for use on beds, sofas, and other surfaces. Featuring the state-of-the-art T-Sleep detection system, this innovative bed ensures a smarter and more intelligent sleep experience by autonomously monitoring the baby’s sleep patterns and generating detailed sleep analysis reports, making the baby’s sleep visible to parents. 

The TCSC baby pod comes with dual crisis warning features, providing a comfortable and secure environment for infants to grow and thrive. The A1 Smart Bedside Night Light, integrated with an intelligent speaker, helps alleviate nighttime disturbances by creating a soothing ambiance. Equipped with 10 different sound sources, the night light induces alpha brain waves in babies, promoting relaxation and stimulating cognitive development.

Designed with a womb-like shape, the bed provides 360° protection and features a gentle 5% incline, ensuring a safer feeding experience for the baby. The bed is made from A-class, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly filling and textile materials. With zero adhesives, zero formaldehyde, and zero fluorescent agents, the removable bed cover allows for easy cleaning, ensuring a safer environment for the baby. And to enhance ventilation and prevent skin issues caused by excessive heat, the TCSC baby pod incorporates a Breathable Circulation Cooling System with three layers of breathable material. This system promotes air circulation and reduces the risk of skin problems associated with heat and moisture build-up.

“Our mission at TCSC is to simplify parenting and provide the best possible care for babies,” said Joanna, a designer at TCSC. “With our innovative baby bed, we aim to offer parents a convenient and intelligent solution that ensures their baby’s safety and comfort during sleep.”In the coming weeks, TCSC is excited to announce its upcoming Kickstarter campaign, where parents and caregivers can support this groundbreaking product and be among the first to experience the TCSC baby pod.

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