Helping Women Manifest Real Life Change By Searching Within

OCEANSIDE, CA – When people have questions, doubts, and fears, where do they usually turn? Naturally, they seek advice from loved ones, friends, leaders, and other influential figures. While this advice can sometimes yield positive change, the reality is that it can just as easily result in stagnation and discouragement. Lasting change, on the other hand, can be found by searching within; and Kathleen Totoris, MSW, MPH, Spiritual Life Coach, is on a mission to help women manifest it.

Kathleen discovered her calling as a spiritual life coach after experiencing a radical transformation in her own life. As a licensed social worker, Kathleen was no stranger to helping other people navigate life’s difficulties. In fact, her entire life had been built around caring for others, offering professional therapy, and providing services for people with dementia. It wasn’t until she delved into spirituality, meditation, and other practices, however, that she ultimately discovered a new sense of direction, purpose, and fulfillment.

Her online coaching program, Access Ancient Wisdom—Release Fear From Your Life, was birthed out of this experience. By applying the same principles and practices that produced the genuine change in her own life, Kathleen is able to teach other women how to turn fear into courage, trust their own intuition, and attain their goals.

Starting in 2022, her 8-week and 12-week holistic online coaching programs will be open to women all over the globe. During each session, women can expect to receive a one-on-one, interactive experience with Kathleen, as well as a safe space where they can be themselves and feel supported. Throughout the course of the program, they will learn how to apply the Universal Laws, connect with non-physical spiritual guides, and uncover the inner wisdom that lies within every person.

Kathleen’s spiritual coaching brand, Totoris Coaching, is based out of San Diego, California, where she and her husband live today. Kathleen holds a Master of Social Work, and a Master of Public Health from Boston University. What’s more, she brings more than two decades of executive leadership experience in the senior retirement industry. In 2014, Kathleen was even named San Diego Business Journal’s Healthcare Champion in the Wellness Category.

“I have 20 years experience as a Licensed Social Worker and feel grateful to have helped many people. This knowledge and experience have shown me that we have the answers inside of us. I used this wisdom to change my life dramatically and that change is why I created the Access Ancient Wisdom program for women.”

Learn more about Kathleen, her story, and her life-changing program by visiting her website. Women can also book a FREE Zoom call with Kathleen and receive an application to her Access Ancient Wisdom program here.

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