Tamanneftegas held a competition for the children of the Taman Region on February 19, supporting the endeavor at the Taman Palace of Culture gym. The event is part of Michel Litvak billionaire’s efforts at upholding and improving the quality of life for the residents of the Region. The company also recently integrated a quality control system that ensures waste separation and enhances the quality of local air and ecology.

The Spartakian held for the children of Taman with the support of Tamanneftegas was organized for students of grades 8 to 11. The children participating in the event were mostly from the Novotaman settlement and received special support from the Temryuk district administration’s education department. The event is an important part of local cultural maintenance efforts and a general desire of local government and corporate entities to improve education and give youth new opportunities for development.

Among the competition’s games were decathlon quests, which included long jumps, runs and other disciplines. The latter included first aid practice and quizzes about the history of the region and sports in general. Tug of war and endurance tests also followed, including push-ups and many other physical exercises. The purpose of the event was to prove team spirit and identify promising young individuals willing to pursue careers in sports and those aspiring to become athletes on regional and national levels.

Tamanneftegas is continuously supporting various sporting and cultural events in the region, giving local residents ample opportunities to test their strength and improve their quality of life. The launch of the waste sorting center and its results are part of a long-term corporate social responsibility program that will continue to develop.

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