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Why Audit Your Brand With Brand Auditor? How Does It Work, and What Insights Can You Get From It?

We launched Brand Auditor in 2020, and by 2021 our market research-based system became the leading brand feedback solution for startups and small-medium businesses on the internet. It was created to offer an industry-standard, significantly better alternative to essay-like, opinionated, traditional brand audits.

Why did it become so popular, why is it so good, and how can your business benefit from doing a brand audit with us? Let’s get started.Β 

Transparent, industry-standard feedback collection procedure

Our streamlined and cost-effective data collection system is the reason for Brand Auditor’s success.

We use random-device engagement to deliver micro-surveys to target respondents via various audience networks that include Google’s Audience Network, SurveyMonkey Audience, and Facebook Audience Network. These micro-surveys will pop up in ads, YouTube videos, mobile apps, and various other places.

Our system uses micro-surveys for various reasons, primarily because these are very fast to complete (few seconds) and have a high response rate – this will keep our research costs low. The second reason is that our system optimizes question delivery to get equal responses for each question.

All responses are saved in a designated database and automatically visualized afterward. This is our process – simple, straightforward, and transparent.

Brand Auditor is a fast and cost-effective market research system

As certified brand and market research professionals, we know that speed, cost-effectiveness and reliability are key factors of any market research campaign. Brand Auditor is streamlined for that in every step of the market research process.

  • Prompt, near-instant communication
  • Fast report delivery – we can process over 2,000 responses daily per audit
  • The average cost per response is $0.27 (USD)
  • Audits are starting at $500 only
  • Unbiased insights – reports are entirely based on score ratings from your target audience 

Our early survey distribution system has developed a lot from the beginning. Today, we can acquire valid responses in almost any region worldwide for not more than $0.4 (USD) per valid response, with an average CPR (cost per response) at $0.27 (USD).

Audits with low responses targets are often delivered within 2-3 days from placing an order.

Three auditing solutions for every business need

Flexibility and serving our brand audit customers on their terms is at the core of our business model. At the moment, we offer three ways of getting a brand audit or market research done with us.

Specialized snapshot brand audits

Currently, there are 8 specialized audit types that offer a conventional market research solution. Focusing on various purposes, each audit has user-selectable research scopes and insights relevant to the type of research.

Each audit is fully customizable, clients can specify their industry, target audiences, research region, and the number of responses they need for their audit.

Audits are starting from $500, audits with maxed-out configurations cost around $3,000-$4,000 (USD). Pricing mostly depends on the number of audit scopes and response count.

Continous brand awareness and brand perceptions analysis

In September 2021, we introduced a new concept in brand awareness measurement and brand perceptions analysis. 

The new system enables companies to measure how known and popular their brand is among their target customers. All it takes to start a continuous brand measurement campaign is specifying the target audience, target region, and a daily market research budget.

Our system distributes micro-surveys to your target audience and saves all responses to a campaign-specific database. Your daily insights will be available 24-7, on an online dashboard similar to Google Analytics.

The continuous brand measurement solution provides vital brand-related information, such as:

  • Brand awareness – what percent of your respondents were familiar with your brand?
  • Brand perceptions – what do respondents think about your brand and business?
  • What do people like about your business? 
  • What do people dislike about your business?

Clients can manage multiple brand measurement campaigns and set a daily budget for each. Our system will automatically optimize survey delivery to get the most responses for your daily budget.

Clients are billed at the end of every month.Β 

Custom research, based on your specifications

We understand that you might have special requirements for your market research, that are not covered with our pre-set audits. 

If you like our brand audit and market research solution but need special arrangements for your audit, we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your audit and research requirements so we can check the feasibility and cost of your request.