TAAT™ Sponsoring WallStreetBets’ “To the Moon” Party in Miami on November 30, 2021

The WSB “To The Moon” event will take place at a rooftop venue in the South Beach area of Miami, Florida, and will begin with a one-hour live auction of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”). Following the live auction, at 7:00 pm EST the live art experience Token Mischief: What is Real & What is Art? will begin along with live music, as well as food stations and an open bar for the enjoyment of attendees. As a sponsor of the event, TAAT™ is to distribute promotional goods as well as packs of TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol for attendees aged 21+ who are current smokers. Eligibility for admission is generally limited to holders of the WSB Diamond Pass NFT, with “General Admission” opportunities subject to ticket availability. Please refer to the following web page for more information: https://wsbparties.com/ Read More