TAAT™ Becomes an Official Supplier of H.T. Hackney, One of the Largest U.S. Wholesale Distributors

TAAT™ and H.T. Hackney are presently coordinating in-store activation strategies with an objective of converting smokers aged 21+ from purchasing tobacco cigarettes to purchasing TAAT™ Original, Smooth, or Menthol instead at Par Mar Stores. As of this writing, TAAT™ is to be on the shelves of Par Mar Stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania by approximately Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Furthermore, the Company believes TAAT™ could perform especially well in Par Mar Stores located in the state of West Virginia, as this market has the highest cigarette use rate among adults in all of the United States at 23.8%4 (approximately 70% higher than the national average of 14%5). Read More