Where: Brussels, Belgium The new single ” K.A. M.A.L.A.” by the outstanding D.J. and producer TA: R.E.K. (previously known as Kitar) is certain to fascinate electronic music fans worldwide. The stunning natural scenery of Kamala, a unique area in Phuket, Thailand, provided the idea for this energizing and vibrant composition. ” M.A.L.A.K.A. ” is a showcase for TA: R.E.K.’s artistic flexibility, fusing progressive/melodic house with sophisticated Afro beats, and it acts as a springboard for the next stage of his musical journey.

TA: R.E.K., a Belgian electronic musician from Brussels, has swiftly become well-known for his remarkable skill in this field. After experiencing difficulties with his former D.J. moniker, he has decided to embrace his uniqueness and begin the process of rebranding. His new nom de guerre, TA: R.E.K., heralds the beginning of a period of groundbreaking invention and originality.

An album like “K.A.  M.A.L.A.” shows how far TA: R.E.K. has come as a musician. The music brims with life and vitality, thanks to the skillful fusion of progressive/melodic house and the complex rhythms of Afro beats. The uplifting and empowering sentiments of TA: R.E.K.’s music can be felt simply by imagining yourself in the stunning landscape that inspired the band.

TA: R.E.K.’s visual accompaniment to “K.A.  M.A.L.A.” is just as dynamic as the tune itself, a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes meant to reflect the wide range of feelings evoked by the song. The eye-catching images capture listeners’ attention because they stand in for the festive joy that builds throughout the song.

The meaning behind its title boosts the song’s attraction, “K.A.  M.A.L.A.” The piece is inspired by the Sanskrit term “Kamala,” which means “lotus flower.” TA: R.E.K.’s artistic vision gracefully weaves these ideas into his music, taking listeners on a meditative and spiritual trip.

With the success of “K.A.M.A.L.A.,” TA: R.E.K. is already looking ahead to the release of his upcoming E.P. later this summer. The E.P.’s five new songs represent his vast musical spectrum and innovative sound. With this new album, TA: R.E.K. hopes to test the limits of his talent further and give listeners something truly special.

Later this year, in addition to his studio work, TA: R.E.K. will be touring Asia. Fans can anticipate nothing short of electrifying performances at world-famous hotspots like DJ Mag’s #1 club Shelter, and the legendary ILLUSION Phuket. After recent sold-out performances at W Superclub in Bali and Zion in Vietnam, TA: R.E.K. is pumped to bring his new music and infectious enthusiasm to fans all around the continent.

Follow up with TA: R.E.K.’s musical adventure on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music, whether you’re a fan of electronic music or a music festival goer. These mediums serve as entry points into his mesmerizing compositions, provide insight into his inventive process, and announce new releases and live shows.

The rebranding of TA: R.E.K. is a significant step in his creative development. With the incredible opening track “K.A.M.A.L.A.,”‘I have been excited about the release of K.A.M.A.L.A., it was a fun and uplifting track to produce. A little different from my normal style but has inspired me into new musical genres such as an afro house. With the rebranding of my name and logo, I am inspired to continue creating new music and release my E.P. of 5 new tracks later this summer.’

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